How Much Does A Precast Concrete Fence Cost?

How Much Does A Precast Concrete Fence Cost?

How Much Does A Precast Concrete Fence Cost?

Generally, you’ll pay between $150 and $320 per linear foot or $25 to $40 per square foot to install, inclusive of labor costs. How much you pay depends on your installer, the size, and height of your fence, and the type of panels used.

Precast concrete fences, like concrete fences, need little to no upkeep. They are unaffected by weather fluctuations and can resist strong impacts without breaking or denting.

They are not rusted or rotted. Water quickly flows off them and has little effect on their strength or longevity. Once constructed, precast fences can survive for up to 100 years. They are difficult to harm and are usually permanent installations.

Precast concrete fences have all of the characteristics and benefits of a concrete fence but are less expensive. The manufacturer completes the majority of the work elsewhere. They arrive at your property prepared to set up and install your fence.

Precast concrete fences come in a variety of forms and patterns. They can have different textures, finishes, and forms than concrete brick walls or fences.

What Are The Advantages Of Precast Concrete Fences?

Precast concrete fences are constructed using precast concrete components. Precast concrete construction is unique in that most of its structural components are manufactured away from the structure at a plant or factory and then brought to the construction site.

There are several reasons why you should choose a precast concrete fence to encircle your home. These are:

Installation Is Simple And Quick.

The nicest thing about precast concrete fences is how simple they are to install. This fence is simple to assemble because its components are prefabricated at a factory.

Precast concrete fence installation saves time and materials, lowering construction costs and time significantly.

It also decreases onsite work, the utilization of plant and machinery, and the number of personnel on the job. Because it merely comprises installation, the completing procedure may be completed in less time. This type of installation also aids in the prevention of all nuisances caused by construction activities on the job site.

Require Less Maintenance.

The precast concrete fence requires little upkeep. Your precast concrete fence will appear new again with regular washing and re-caulking. Precast concrete fences are not impacted by insects or pests since they are comprised of concrete and steel.

Can Withstand Anything.

Precast concrete compositions can be altered to minimize damage caused by the predicted corrosive environment.

Steel and other materials decay fast in the presence of corrosive substances or water, but a precast concrete fence may be built to protect the reinforcement from corrosion.


Precast concrete barriers are generally made of extremely tough wet-cast, air-entrained concrete. Furthermore, it can endure many freeze-thaw cycles as well as the negative impacts of road salt.


The majority of precast concrete fence is now constructed with an architectural finish that resembles natural stone. Furthermore, a variety of commercially available stain treatments may be used to enhance and tailor its appearance.


A precast concrete fence may be shaped and sized to fit any space. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of finishes and color combinations.

Have The Potential To Reduce Site Impact.

Precast concrete fence components are manufactured off-site and shipped as needed. As a result, it minimizes truck traffic, dust, noise, trash, and formwork associated with pour in situ concrete substantially.

Precast concrete fences are modular and standardized, allowing for speedy installation. Construction periods, energy consumption, noise, and emissions from on-site equipment can all be decreased as a consequence.

Capability To Withstand Wind.

These fences are exceptionally wind resistant. Thus, if correctly designed, precast concrete barriers can endure high winds.

Fire Resistant.

Precast concrete fences can survive fire and, if damaged, may be quickly repaired.


These fences can be utilized in the future if they are routinely and properly maintained.

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