Are Window Blinds Washable?

Are Window Blinds Washable?

Are Window Blinds Washable?

Yes. Waterproof roller blinds made of vinyl or PVC can be washed with greater vigour (and more water/detergent) than polyester roller blinds, which will absorb water to their detriment; however, washing roller blinds is rarely necessary.

Blinds and curtains should not be washed. Instead, they should be brushed or vacuumed to clean them. A good place to start is with an old cotton t-shirt, which can be passed through the slats of the blind in a continuous loop and then gently squeezed out through the top of the blind.

This will remove dust, dirt, leaves, and grass from between the slats and allows you to easily see through your blind. If you have a fabric that has been damaged by sunlight—such as a faded sofa—the first step is to blot it with water using blotting paper; this will allow that fabric’s color to come back.

Once the fabric is dry, you can start using mild bleach on it to get rid of any color changes, followed by carefully washing the fabric in a delicate cycle. If necessary use a neutral detergent or try an enzyme-based detergent.

Once the fabric is completely dry (and you have done this carefully), you can then wash your blinds as normal—or you can use a gentle cycle on low heat with no bleach and no softener. Do not over-dry your blinds: they will shrink if over-dried, so leave them damp.

If you do not have a washer and dryer, perhaps you can try to dry the fabric by hand. Gently take off the blinds from the window and wash them. Next, rinse the blinds with water and then set them aside to dry on a rack, which allows the fabric to hang freely from the brackets. When you are ready for them, you can bring them back into position.

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