Are Window Shutters A Fire Hazard?

Are Window Shutters A Fire Hazard?

Are Window Shutters A Fire Hazard?

Yes, Window coverings can trap fire and smoke inside the home, occupants may have difficulty quickly exiting their home during an emergency, and firefighters may have difficulty entering the house.

Damaged structures of buildings, homes or other structures are susceptible to tornadoes, monsoons, and other severe weather. A storm shutter can prevent these disasters from damaging your home.

Window shutters will keep wind and debris out of the windows during a storm. Window shutters can help protect homes against high winds, tornados, and other severe weather.

In the case of wildfire, rainwater can accumulate on the window coverings, causing them to expand and contract, causing stress on the frame. Firefighters may then have difficulty entering the home in case of a fire since they would not be able to get past the window coverings.

A window covering can trap heat, making it harder to cool the home in the summer and causing excess condensation to fall from the roof. Condensation causes mold and mildew which can cause health problems.

Windows may be left open instead of shuttered in cold weather, but this leads to overheating and excessive energy use. In the case of tornados, expert DIY-ers can install their own storm shutters to protect their home from damage from the high winds.

The shutters can be customized to fit any window shape and size, and are easily painted with any color. Storm shutters add value to a home since they can make a house seem safer and more secure.

Window coverings can cause dampness beneath them to rot wood and metal furniture, causing it to swell, move, or break which may lead to injury. Additionally, if curtains hang too low on windows that are not covered by casement windows for fire safety reasons, they could pose a fire hazard for children who climb on furniture when playing outside.

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