Can Awning Windows Be Used For Egress?

Can Awning Windows Be Used For Egress?

Can Awning Windows Be Used For Egress?

No. Despite the fact that awning windows use the same technology as casement windows, the crank mechanism takes up the space that would otherwise be used to exit.

As a result, by design, awning windows cannot be used as an egress option. In other words, awning windows cannot be used as a back door in case of emergency.

It is not difficult to operate an Andersen awning window. To open an Andersen awning window, turn the crank handle counter-clockwise to loosen the channel lock mechanism and swing the glass sections out horizontally. To close these windows, simply turn the crank handle clockwise and slide the glass sections back into place.

Awning windows are designed to be a pass-through but not for egress. If you need egress windows, Andersen casement windows would be the best choice for you.

Casement windows are great options for larger openings such as patio doors and picture or bay windows. They are also ideal for areas where sliding or swinging is preferred over the opening with an upward push on a handle.

Awning windows are best used in areas where you would want to slide them out a little bit but still want that traditional opening with a push-down on the handle.

Are Awning Windows Safe?

Yes. Awning windows contribute to the security of your home. While they provide good lighting and ventilation, they do not increase the risk of your home being compromised because they are difficult to break into or open from the outside.

They are also very easy to use and can be opened with one hand. If you need more information on whether Andersen awning windows are safe, contact an Andersen dealer near you or the customer service or technical support department at Andersen Corporation.

Nor do they compromise your home’s safety by allowing it to become vulnerable to fires or other dangers. Awning windows do not burn easily because they are not made of wood or paper, so they don’t give fires a lot of fuel on which to grow out of control.

Therefore, if your home is on fire, your awning windows will remain cool in order to prevent the spread of the fire further into your home. Andersen awning windows are designed to meet the same stringent safety standards as all other Andersen windows and doors products.

And like all Andersen products, they are backed by a limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind. This product line also includes a selection of triple-track high-security casement windows that provide an extra level of security for your home.

With Andersen’s high-security systems, you’ll enjoy 50% more glass area in the window frame and better theft protection, plus the ability to get the quality you want from Andersen. The entire line is available at select independent retailers, or through an Andersen dealer near you.

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