Can I Put A Fish Tank On A Window Sill?

Can I Put A Fish Tank On A Window Sill?

Can I Put A Fish Tank On A Window Sill?

No. Avoid windows when placing your aquarium. Direct sunlight will cause temperature fluctuations and hard-to-control algae bloom in your aquarium.

Consider frequent-passage areas when placing your aquarium. Consider paths and corners. At these places, people regularly bump into the aquarium, and you don’t want the glass to shatter and flood your living room (or any room for that matter).

In addition, place your aquarium away from the windows. You’ll appreciate a quiet and safe area for your aquarium. If you must use a window, measure your aquarium before placing it on the window. Measure the height of the glass from inside the frame to the center, and measure from outside the frame along all sides of the glass.

Record these measurements, then add 1 inch to each side for proper space allowance. Most people use a 10-inch height for an 8-foot wide aquarium, with about a 4-inch space in between each side panel (2 inches per panel). Be aware that a few models come with internal shelves that alter this spacing, but most popular tanks come with these shelves as standard or optional.

A fish tank is not an entirely safe place for a fish. The tank holds water, which may cause a build-up of humidity inside the home. This humidity can cause health problems for your family and pets, as well as damage your home.

Also, fish tanks are large, heavy objects. A fish tank will quickly break or shatter standard window sills made from wood or plastic. You should not place a heavy object such as a fish tank on or near any window or door in your home.

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