Can I Start Seeds On A Window Sill?

Can I Start Seeds On A Window Sill?

Can I Start Seeds On A Window Sill?

Yes. Fortunately, most seeds require heat to germinate rather than sunlight. Start your seeds in a warm, consistent location, such as on top of the fridge or near a radiator. As soon as a bit of green appears above the soil line, move them to the sunniest windowsill you have.

Light: Seeds require darkness and tend to germinate faster when they’re placed under a light, but they shouldn’t be kept under fluorescent bulbs as exposed bulb bulbs may damage the seeds.

Temperature: Doing so will usually result in brown shoots appearing much earlier than expected. If you keep the temperature around 70 degrees F (21 degrees C), you’ll find that most seeds will germinate within 5 to 10 days.

Irregularities in light or temperature could make it difficult for plants to develop healthy root systems and cause them to gradually die off. Be patient and allow 10–14 days for the seeds to germinate before giving up on them.

Can You Grow Lavender On A Window Sill?

Yes. The best part is that you can grow a real lavender plant indoors all year long right by your windowsill, and it will stay fresh in any season. All you need is a sunny window, some well-drained soil, and the root system of a lavender plant.

Sunlight: Place the lavender plant where it will get lots of sunlight. If your windowsill is too dark or shadowed, consider switching to a sunny spot outside that gets eight hours of direct sunlight daily.

Soil: Your window sill might not be the best surface for growing lavender plants since it’s rough and may damage the roots of your plants in time. So, you should use soil instead of gravel or stones on your window sill to avoid possible problems.

Lavender: You can use lavender as part of a bouquet or make a pretty arrangement in a dish. The flowers of the lavender plant are small and fragrant, which makes them perfect for adding to tea and other recipes.

Many plants grow best when they’re placed outside, but you can still have fresh herbs and vegetables growing right by your window year-round with the help of a window sill planter.


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