Can You Fix Spalling Concrete?

Can You Fix Spalling Concrete?

Can You Fix Spalling Concrete?

Yes, spalling concrete can be fixed. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the severity of the damage. For minor damage, you can simply sand down the rough edges and repaint the concrete. For more severe damage, you may need to patch the concrete with a new layer of concrete.

While it is possible to fix spalling concrete, it is important to understand the cause of the problem before attempting to repair it.

There are several reasons why spalling may occur, but the most common is the presence of water. When water seeps into the concrete, it can begin to break down the structure of the material.

This can be exacerbated by freezing temperatures, which can cause the water to expand and further damage the concrete. In some cases, poor installation or poor drainage can also lead to spalling.

Spalling can also be caused by a chemical reaction between the water and concrete material.

The use of these chemicals on the concrete can cause them to chemically react with it, physically weakening its structure and causing pieces to crumble off.

It is important to note that this type of spalling generally cannot be fixed without completely replacing the affected sections of concrete.

How Do You Fix Spalling On A Concrete Driveway?

Spalling is a common problem with concrete driveways. It occurs when the top layer of concrete flakes and breaks away.

This can be caused by a number of factors, including weathering, improper installation, and poor drainage. There are a few ways to fix spalling on a concrete driveway. These are;


One excellent technique to deal with spalled concrete is to have someone come in and sandblast the surface away; after all, it’s already coming off.

You may sandblast the surface of the concrete, removing up to 3⁄4 of an inch. However, in most circumstances, when it comes to spalling concrete, this is not the depth required; just the surface itself must be removed.

If you use this spalling concrete restoration procedure, you can achieve a very lovely looking exposed aggregate finish, and if you take great care of it by keeping it clean and sealed for protection, it may last you for years.

Grinding Or Polishing

For a variety of reasons, this repair approach would be my last resort. But I wanted to discuss it since it could work for some folks. In reality, this procedure may produce some quite nice-looking results.

With this spalling concrete restoration procedure, someone would come in with a giant walk-behind grinder and grind the surface right off, leaving a smooth surface.

They could even go so far as to polish it for you to make an even smoother surface and perhaps perform some ornamental cuts to create something truly spectacular.

Concrete Overlay

This is most likely the most typical approach for repairing spalled concrete driveways and the most cost-efficient.

This spalling concrete restoration procedure involves pouring a thin topping directly on top of your existing driveway.

Some individuals may be wary about merely pouring a topping due to concerns about strength, but the fact is that you do not pour just any ordinary concrete. There are concrete overlay and resurfacing solutions particularly intended for this use.

The nicest part about concrete repair is that it is usually something that the average individual can perform with the assistance of a buddy or two.

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