Can You Lock Window Shutters?

Can You Lock Window Shutters?

Can You Lock Window Shutters?

Yes. Burg rods and rod locks installed on the interior of the window shutter add an extra layer of security. Once the window shutters are closed, these highly effective additional locking mechanisms are simple to use. Burg rod locks can be easily mounted to either the exterior or interior of the window shutter. 

There are many styles of window shutters available for use in homes and commercial spaces. They range from simple clapper-style shutters to those with built-in cast iron locking mechanisms.

The frame design of a particular shutter will determine which lock is convenient for mounting on that particular type of shutter frame. Burg rod locks work on all types of frames, whether a single panel or double, and will fit any shutter style whether with safety glass or without.

Most window shutters come equipped with a standard operating procedure (SOP) that guides homeowners through the process of installing these accessories.

One of the benefits of burg rod locks is the ease of use. A homeowner only needs to close the window shutter and then enter a code that is displayed on a special panel. Burg rod locks can be mounted either inside or outside the shutter, depending on personal preference and accessibility to the location where it will be used.

Burg rod locks are a very popular combination for placing safety glass in double-swing steel window shutters. However, locking mechanisms such as this can easily be installed on any metal window shutter. In fact, there are some burg rod locks that come with a digital keypad.

The installation process must be completed by a professional, but homeowners can rest assured they are making the right decision when they opt for this type of burglar protection.


What Era Are Window Shutters?

It was in the 16th century that people began to use window shutters for both decorative and functional purposes. At this point, it was becoming more common to see ornamental woodwork used for decorative purposes in homes all over the world.

The window shutter was used in France during the 16th century and is still being used today in some French castles. The window shutter became popular all over Europe as windows began to be a part of homes and buildings.

The window shutter became a popular fixture used in Russian villas during this time period. However, window shutters were not always found within homes or buildings. Instead, these accessories were found within churches and monasteries to protect them from bandits at night or animals during the day.

Window shutters are commonly found in a number of historical buildings, including the Roman Colosseum, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and other ruins from ancient times. They can also be seen in ancient churches, such as Chartres Cathedral.

Although this material was first used by craftsmen to build decorative gates and fences, it later began to be accepted for use by homeowners as well.

The earliest windows were large, reaching as high as 18 or 20 feet. As they began to be reduced in size, the window shutters became smaller and smaller.

By the 19th century, there were only three different types of window shutters: wooden shutters, iron shutters, and metal storm windows.

Metal storm windows were commonly built into the window itself to make it easier for people to enter and exit their homes. Sometimes a metal shutter was given a decorative edge to make it more appealing for the homeowner.

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