Can You Put Blinds In Shower Window?

Can You Put Blinds In Shower Window?

Can You Put Blinds In Shower Window?

Yes. There are numerous options available, including PVC shutters, vinyl roller blinds, cellular honeycomb shades (which also insulate the window), and plastic mini-blinds. These window treatments offer excellent protection from water damage without needing to compromise on the appearance at all.

But because shower windows are typically small and not an exact match for your window, you may want to consider using a combination of two or more different kinds of blinds and shades. These include vertical mini-blinds, horizontal mini-blinds, honeycomb shades (also called cellular shades), and faux-wood blinds or roller shades.

The length of blinds that can be installed in shower windows depends on the size of your shower stall, but they can be as short as 4 inches up to 12 inches, if necessary. The standard width is between 7/8 inch and 1 inch (depending on the manufacturer).

While you should generally avoid using mini-blinds on larger shower windows because of the difficulty of cleaning them, most other window treatments will work well for smaller shower windows.

If you have an angled shower stall, it is best to install vertical blinds instead of horizontal blinds as they are more resistant to water damage. Roller shades are great for adding privacy to your shower since they don’t require a lot of space and can be installed flush against the ceiling.

Honeycomb shades have the advantage of being able to block out significantly more light than other types of window treatments; they also reduce heat gain, prevent water damage and make it easy to clean the glass.

How Much Do Blinds Cost Per Window UK?

There are many different types of blinds to choose from, and each set of blinds has a different price point. For example, hardwood blinds cost around £40-£120, fabric blinds cost around £10-£40, and electric blinds cost around £50-£150.

New blinds, however, should cost around £200-£250 per window. Most new blinds are made from wood and require painting, so expect to pay more for these. The cost of installation varies widely depending on the type of blind that you use. If you are planning to install your own blinds, you will probably have to pay for a professional installer.

If you want to add additional window treatments to your home or office that include curtains and drapes, you can calculate the cost per panel when buying your materials. Prices range from £0.50-£2.50 per panel for curtains, £0.75-£4.00 per panel for drapes, and £1.75-£5.00 per panel for roller shades.

Depending on the type of fabric that you use and the design that you have in mind, prices may also vary from £5.00-£10.50 per panel for Batiks to £15 for silk crape. You will also have to pay a little bit more if you want a custom-fitting window treatment that will not only allow you to see through your window when it is open but also give it an elegant look.

If you are seeking a custom-made curtain, on average it can cost £200-£400 (depending on the type of window treatment). However, if you want to purchase a pre-made curtain with a custom fit, expect to pay around £100.

If you are buying drapes or French doors instead of curtains, you should expect to pay around £250-£400. Roller shades typically cost around £100-£300 per window. While these prices are higher than what is traditionally charged for curtains and drapes, roller shades provide many benefits such as providing privacy and insulating your windows so that they remain cool during the summer.

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