Can You Put Blinds On A Triangle Window?

Can You Put Blinds On A Triangle Window?

Can You Put Blinds On A Triangle Window?

Yes. Roller blinds: This traditional style can be cut to fit triangular windows as well as other geometric shapes, allowing you to enjoy their easy opening mechanism. Roller blinds come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Vertical blinds: These traditional blinds are made to fit standard rectangular-shaped windows, but many will do a decent job of covering a triangular window. To find the perfect fit, measure your window and then use the measurements to compare with verticals sold by your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. You may be able to find a standard vertical that will work for you.

For both styles, the trickiest part of making them work is going to be getting them installed perfectly square and taut. If you don’t get them perfectly level, they will either hang crooked or be too tight in one corner to open smoothly.

If you’ll be doing your own installation, we recommend investing in a good-quality window installation kit. It will include everything you need to get the job done without hassle.

Vertical blinds, especially those with wood slats, are best installed by a professional blind installer. They can be really finicky and difficult to get right if you’re not familiar with their unique design features. This is especially true if you’ve never installed verticals before and have no experience working with their special brackets and hardware.

Vertical blinds on triangle windows might look odd if the angle between the sides of your triangle isn’t close to 90 degrees (a little more than 45 degrees).

Does Home Depot Cut Window Blinds To Size?

Bring your measurements into the store once you’ve properly measured. Our associates will gladly cut your in-store purchased blinds to the exact size required. It’s the easiest way to create perfectly sized blinds for your windows.

It doesn’t matter if the measurements are at different heights, you’ll still get the exact size. Don’t forget to bring along your homeowner’s manual with you so we can measure both sides of your window. We’ll be able to cut one blind if they’re large enough or two smaller pieces if they’re small enough. If it’s not a standard width, we might need to measure it again.

A lot of customers think that after we’ve cut their blinds in-store, they are finished, but that’s not the case. In order for your blinds to maintain their durability and function, it’s important that they’re properly installed and in good working order.

We offer free made-to-measure blind installation services with every purchase of vertical or horizontal blinds. If you’d like us to take care of it, just leave your blinds at the store when you’re finished shopping. The next time you stop by, we’ll have them ready for you to pick up

Vertical window blinds are closer to that geometric shape than a lot of other window blinds are. They’re designed to sit straight on a vertical surface, so they aren’t super conducive to adapting as much as other types of window coverings might be.

You’ll need to measure your window carefully and compare it with the size of your blinds. If the measurements aren’t close enough, you’ll need to come back and buy bigger blinds or get a smaller window.

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