Can You Put Blinds On An Arched Window?

Can You Put Blinds On An Arched Window?

Can You Put Blinds On An Arched Window?

Yes. Almost any window blind or shade can be installed in an arch-top window while the arch-top remains open. The brackets for horizontal blinds are designed to be mounted from any direction, including the back, top, or side.

Vertical blinds are installed on the inside or outside edges of the window, depending on the manufacturer. In addition, you can use blinds with different opening mechanisms, including wing and bi-fold. You will also find that there are various types of Venetian blinds, including roller shades and Roman shades.

In other words, there are no limitations to the type of blinds you can use on an arched window, so you may want to explore a variety before making your decision. You can install blinds on an arch window provided that the arch is not obstructing it.

The two outside brackets are usually mounted on a wall or a paver. The middle bracket is put on the window frame. Blinds can be adjusted to fit any window size, and this makes them a versatile and economical choice.

The type of blinds you will need depends on the style of the window frame. If a bi-fold is used, then you can opt for blinds that have a simple opening mechanism. For example, you can use roller shades or Roman shades depending on the design of your room. If a double-hung window is used, then wing window blinds or bi-fold Roman shades must be used to avoid any obstruction.

In terms of tightening the cord, you can use any method you prefer. For example, you can screw a set of screws into a piece of plywood to fasten your cord to it or use a cord lock kit. You should also ensure that the cord is securely fastened to the window frame before installing your blinds or shades.

The degree of viewing the blinds allow is also a factor that you should consider. A blind with a small window opening might not be able to fully cover the entire window area, so you may want to avoid this. However, if your windows are small and there is no choice but to use smaller blinds, then you can use Roman shades or roller shades depending on the size of the window frame as mentioned above.

The type of brackets needed depends on whether the window is small enough for a single bracket or needs two brackets installed on it. It also depends on whether there is an opening above it and where else you can hang your blinds.

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