Can You Put Roman Blinds In A Bay Window?

Can You Put Roman Blinds In A Bay Window?

Can You Put Roman Blinds In A Bay Window?

Yes. In a bay window, Romans can be used to great effect. A living space with a bay window would benefit greatly from the inherent warming nature of a Roman blind. The Roman Blind Angled-Bay Measuring Guide contains more information on how to enjoy Roman blinds in bay windows.

In addition, the Roman Blind Shapes Guide contains more information on how to install Roman blinds in bay windows. There are many benefits of using Roman shades. One benefit is that they are made from beautiful fabrics and can add elegance to your living space.

They are also known as roller shades, vertical shades, or roll-up shades and come in a wide range of designs and colors that can complement any decor. Some of the other benefits include:

  1. Style meets safety -Roman shades are designed to ensure optimal visibility while providing privacy for your family. When you use them, you will feel more comfortable knowing that they provide complete safety during the day and at night.
  2. Versatile –Roman shades come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. They are also available with different fabric designs to complement your decor. This means that you can enjoy the same design in your living room, bedroom, or dining room.
  3. Durable –Roller shades are made from strong materials such as polyester and neutral that last for years of use. In addition, they are designed to withstand dirt and moisture. Today’s roller shades come with a lifetime guarantee against wear and tear.

The Roman Shades Measurement Guide contains more information on the sizing of Roman shades. For detailed information on how to install Roman shades in a bay window, check out the Roman Blind Shapes Guide.

Can You Still Buy Window Blinds With Cords?

Yes. While corded blinds and shades can still be ordered as custom window treatments, most retailers primarily sell cordless blinds. Voluntary standards, increased supply, and industry requirements have all contributed to more affordable cordless window options.

This means more products and greater savings for your company. For example, blinds with cords can be installed for about $100 more than the same window treatments without cords. This is leading to increased demand from consumers and business owners.

For example, during the 2012 holiday season, blinds with cords made up 75% of all orders placed on Blinds Chalet. With this strong demand, retailers have found it necessary to increase the production of these products at a higher rate to meet consumer demands. So, more and more cordless blinds and shades are being produced for sale each year.

To avoid expensive damage from wind and water, never put your blinds or shades on the side of your house where the wind blows. Wind and water will break the cords, which can result in expensive repairs. Use an anchor system to help keep your blinds in place.

Installation without an anchor is not recommended as there is no warranty on damage caused by wind and water. Another safety tip is to ensure that all cords are visible so that any broken wires are visible and avoid reaching into blinds or shades.

Lastly, do not leave anything dangling on the cords such as coat hangers, towels, or sweaters; these items can interfere with the operation of the curtains and can cause damage during any movement of the blinds or shades.

While it is possible to buy cordless blinds and shades, it is best to look for ones that are specifically made for window treatments. It will provide you with a quick reference on the different types of window treatments available on Blinds Chalet.

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