Can You Put Window Trim Over Siding?

Can You Put Window Trim Over Siding?

Can You Put Window Trim Over Siding?

Yes. You can use trim pieces to cover the areas where your window meets your siding. These trim pieces are usually sold as a package, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

I’ve always butted the siding to the window frame, then wrapped the trim around it and caulked the edges to seal the gaps. This, in my opinion, provides the best waterproofing. Cut a rabbet into the trim piece, and your siding will tuck behind the trim while also fitting nicely to the window.

In addition, this will prevent water from collecting on the window sill. If you do not remove the trim, then the siding can wick moisture up under it during a rainstorm (and if it gets thoroughly wet, water can get trapped behind the trim).

This will help protect your windows from drafts and even make them look better. Most of us have seen our experience so far regarding caulk just being a temporary solution. Well, you cannot use caulk for this purpose for more than thirty minutes though.

Window trim can be applied to siding in a few ways. The first way is to remove the existing trim and then replace it with window trim. This can be a time-consuming process, and it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option. Another option is to apply window trim to the wall below the siding.

This method can be more affordable and easier to install, but it may not look as good as the option that replaces the entire trim. Finally, you can choose to apply window trim on top of the siding and then seal the gaps with caulk. In most cases, this will provide a clean, finished look without the need for extensive work.

How Do You Blackout Window Trim?

  1. Remove Windows. Remove all of the existing window trim and remove any patio door or glass panels.
  2. Work Wood with Special Care.

For older wood windows that may have rotted, you will want to remove the trim and then caulk around them with a sealant to prevent moisture from getting under the siding and rotting further.

You may also want to paint your entire house or continue to paint the windows yearly with exterior painting sealants or with a silicone-based primer before painting your house’s siding. Do not paint without care as this will cause rot problems in your future window trims and siding as well!

  1. Install Dark Film. Depending on the type of film you have purchased, you can install it on the inside or outside of your window trims. You may need to make small cuts or spaces in the trim to fit around rubber piping, molding, and wiring for a gas fireplace that can show through the film.

Test your film before installing it to ensure proper coverage and a good seal. Once you have finished installing your film, you will need to allow at least an hour for the adhesive to set before final placement onto your window trim.

  1. Trim Around Windows. Once you have installed your film, you will need to install your window trim back onto your window frames and seal any gaps with caulk. Be sure to apply the sealant to the outside of the trim so that it does not interfere with your new film.
  2. Install Doors And Patio Glass Panels. You can then fill any holes in your door frames that may have been caused by removing your doors and reinstall them into your home’s frame. Make sure to use a sealant around any rubber piping or openings for wiring so that moisture does not get under them.

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