Can You Sand Concrete Walls?

Can You Sand Concrete Walls?

Can You Sand Concrete Walls?

Yes, you can sand concrete walls if you know how and have the necessary equipment. However, it is not a simple task. Concrete is a highly hard, thick material that requires considerably more force to sand.

Sand, stone, and cement are combined with water to make concrete. The concrete mix ratio is the amount of each constituent. You may adjust the properties of the concrete by varying the amounts of each element in the mix.

Most structural concrete walls are made using concrete that is at least 3500 psi. This dense concrete mix of coarse masons sand and 3/4-inch stone aggregate. It’s not easy to sand down, but it’s doable.

Non-structural concrete walls or walls with a veneer of concrete often have less stone, more cement, and finer sand. This makes it easy to sand them smoothly.

Before you begin sanding your concrete walls, determine their density. If the wall is on the outside, it is most likely structural, which indicates it is strong and sturdy. If the wall is thin or a veneer within the home, it might be softer concrete.

You may send your walls no matter what sort of concrete was used to construct them. If the concrete is softer, the work becomes a bit easier. You can also use finer or softer-grain sandpaper.

Concrete may be sanded either wet or dry. Wet sanding, on the other hand, reduces dust. But be warned: sanding concrete generates a lot of dust.

How Do You Sand Concrete Walls?

Smoothing a concrete wall is a multi-step operation. First, crush down any large bits of concrete left over from the forms. A small angle grinder with a diamond grit masonry blade can be used.

Cut and grind down any chunks or bits of concrete that protrude from the surface using the blade. Wear a mask and goggles because grinding concrete creates a lot of dust and spits out concrete pieces.

You may begin sanding the concrete wall once the surface is clear of projecting fragments and reasonably level.

Begin by smoothing the surface using a concrete surface grinder. Then, sand the surface using a belt or revolving sander with rough-grain sandpaper.

Wet the wall to decrease dust and heat buildup. As you continue, use finer grit sandpaper to get a smoother surface. With adequate time and effort, you may sand a concrete wall very soft and smooth.

Can An Orbital Sander Be Used To Sand A Concrete Wall?

Yes, you can sand concrete walls using an orbital sander, my belt sander, and a grinder. The finest finish is achieved by combining the three tools and sanding by hand.

First, sand down any significant uneven spots or projecting concrete using the grinder. Then, using the belt sander, go over the whole wall.

After finishing the belt sanding, use the orbital sander to run over the whole wall again. Switch to finer grit sandpaper this time.

Sand in the opposite direction as the previous pass, being sure to clear the wall in between passes.

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