Can You Use Stone Coat Epoxy On Floors?

Can You Use Stone Coat Epoxy On Floors?

Can You Use Stone Coat Epoxy On Floors?

Stone Coat Countertops’ epoxy floor coating is all you need. With a little DIY enthusiasm (or the help of a professional), you’ll be on your way to a magnificent new epoxy concrete floor!

To make things even easier, we’ll tell you everything you need about epoxy concrete flooring and help you figure out which one best fits your flooring needs.

You can use stone coat epoxy to prepare your floor for staining or painting. Unlike concrete, the stone’s surface is textured and slightly porous, so it needs a solid base coat to add a smooth finish.

However, before applying the stone coat epoxy, you want to rinse and clean your floors thoroughly. The stone should be dry and free of dirt before application.

Stone coat epoxy will help preserve your natural stone flooring by sealing in any dirt or oils that come in contact with it. It helps protect against scratches and stains from wear and tear caused by normal use, spills, steam cleaning, or mopping.

Can You Wax Epoxy Floors?

You can use wax like those found in the stone coat epoxy range. Simply apply the wax before installing your floor. Epoxy Floor Waxing if you notice that your epoxy-coated floors have lost their overall sheen, you may add a coat of wax to shine and preserve them. Remember that high-traffic areas will require more wax applications than other locations.

After applying some wax, you’ll want to buff away any excess using a soft cloth or microfiber mop that allows for airflow and drying after every pass. This process should take no more than 15 minutes to perfect your floor’s sheen and appearance.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying and buffing your floors to ensure proper application of the waxes and sealant, resulting in an optimum finish.

However, if you don’t have the time to maintain your floors, you may wish to consider applying a sealant instead. Epoxy Sealants Epoxy sealants are a great alternative to waxes for those who don’t have the time or skill to maintain their floors.

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