Do I Need Lightning Protection with A Metal Roof?

Do I Need Lightning Protection with A Metal Roof?

Do I Need Lightning Protection with A Metal Roof?

Extensive study has shown that metal roofing is no more likely than any other type of roofing material to be struck by lightning.

Metal roofing is one of the greatest materials for homes in lightning-prone areas since it is non-combustible and has the highest Class A fire-resistance certification.

The metal roofing industry offers pre-engineered, factory-fastened metal roof panels certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and a list of applicable fire ratings, including Class A for walls and roofs.

For even greater protection, metal roofs can be enhanced with UL-approved ballasted flashings, which help protect the metal from direct lightning strikes.

These systems are frequently used in high-profile buildings like stadiums, museums, and other extremely low-sloped commercial buildings.

Do I Need Plywood under A Metal Roof?

Contrary to popular belief, plywood sheeting is not necessary or cost-effective when installing metal roofing; instead, it may be fastened directly to the roofing framework of your building. It will not be necessary for your metal roofing contractor to supply plywood.

If you are a DIYer and have some extra plywood of the same thickness, weight, and density as the metal roofing panels being installed, it is fine to add a layer of plywood underneath the panels as long as it’s in good condition.

Installing a layer of plywood between your sub-roofing material and the metal roofing panel will improve its longevity.

Metal Roofing Contractors: When shopping around for a metal roofing contractor to assist you with this product, numerous things should be considered before making a final decision on the right company to work with.

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