7 Floor Plan Design Mistakes & how to avoid in your Home

7 Floor Plan Design Mistakes & how to avoid  in your Home

7 Floor Plan Design Mistakes & how to avoid in your Home

Floor Plan Design Mistakes…

Many people often make common mistakes when looking for the best floor plan that fit their needs. Whether you are getting ready to design your floor plan with an architect or you are house hunting to look for the perfect home, take a look at these 8 common floor plan mistakes:


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  1. Don’t assume every floor plan fits your lifestyle:

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing the right floor plan is that you forget to picture your own family cooking in the kitchen or you don’t take into consideration how your bad back may not like going up your master bedroom upstairs. Assess your lifestyle before choosing a floor plan. Do you like a single story or multistory home? Do you prefer an open plan kitchen or closed? Determine what you have become accustomed to and what makes your home comfortable.


  1. Location, Location… Consider your neighbors:

While you can have a great floor, remember you can’t change the location or neighbourhood. With this in mind, don’t make the mistake of falling in love with a floor plan and forgetting about the property and surroundings of your home. If you fall in love with the layout of a master bedroom in floor plan, but don’t like how it looks out over your neighbor’s home, chances are your home in your location will have a totally different aesthetic view and therefore feel different when build. Remember when choosing a floor plan; ensure the interiors will fit with your surrounding houses/plots

  1. Don’t assume floor plan drawings are too difficult:

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While for many design professionals it is second nature, for many homeowners the symbols and nomenclature can be difficult to understand. Don’t assume you are supposed to know what every door swing, window, stair, and multi-story space looks like on a floor plan. Don’t make the mistake of assuming just ask! Get it clarified to you.

  1. Ensure architectural features won’t cost you more in the future:

There is nothing like getting excited about architectural features that look beautiful on a 3D impression and feel even nicer when standing inside of the finished home. Details like expansive floor to ceiling windows, lobby and other architectural features could have an impact on lighting your home when Kenya Power bill arrives. While it may not be a concern now, think of green cost savings on your architectural features of your floor plan for future living too.

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  1. Don’t assume the sizes of rooms on a floor plan are adequate:

How to Calculate Tiles Needed for a Floor

How many times have you read the dimensions of a room on a floor plan and then realized your existing furniture doesn’t fit like you thought into the finished room? Measure your existing furniture before deciding on final sizes for a home. If you’re not sure how large of room you need, measure your existing furniture, tables and walking area to determine how much space you REALLY need in your next floor plan. Add on additional area if you’re trying to add space to your next home.

  1. Choose a floor plan that works with your budget now

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One mistake many people often makes when looking at floor plans is over spending for the future, rather than planning for the present. You can always upgrade your home. From finishes and innovative additions to possibly adding area and amenities. Don’t get oversold or build to outdo your neighbor, only you know your budget. Plan for your budget now so you will feel comfortable living in your home and not feel “financially strained” each month to make payments on your home.


  1. Bring your family along with you when choosing a floor plan:

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your floor plan decision making to yourself. If you are able to walk through physical models of homes before deciding on a floor plan, consider bringing your family along for the decision.


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It may help you see the reaction of your family, kids, significant other or others who will share the home with you. Being the “sole decision maker” can sometimes backfire on you – instead have your family weigh in on the important decision of choosing the ideal floor plan for you all!

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