How Do I Protect My Kid’s Window Blinds?

How Do I Protect My Kid’s Window Blinds?

How Do I Protect My Kid’s Window Blinds?

Window blinds are a necessary part of any home and should be taken care of properly to protect your child from the sun and rain. There are a few things you can do to make sure your blinds are in good shape;

  1. In children’s rooms, use cordless window coverings:

Corded blinds have strings that little ones can grab. For extra protection, add a child-safe hook and loop fastener (Velcro) to the bottom of the blinds.

Cordless window coverings are a safer option for children’s rooms because there is no string or cord to grab. Cordless shades come in shades and slats that function just like blinds. They allow for light control and privacy and act as room dividers.

  1. Keep the area around the window clear:

Obviously, keep the window clean. For safety and to prevent blinds from coming off, remove any toys or objects that could be caught in the slats.

A decorative, metal bar can also help to stabilize the blinds on windows when they are open.

Window coverings should be regularly inspected for any tears or other damage because there is a high risk of injury if the cords cut into an infant’s face or finger.

  1. Keep dangling cords out of children’s reach:

Kids are curious creatures, and they’ll do just about anything to get a piece of candy or toy that’s hanging from a blind cord. To keep the blinds in place, put a safety line between the cord and the wall.

Never leave any cords dangling near objects that could be picked up by the kid. Keep all cords out of reach—even around door frames for safety reasons.

  1. Put in cord stops:

To keep cords out of the way, add cord stops to your blinds. They’re simple, easy-to-install brackets that tuck away at either end of the blinds and keep them in place.

A good cord stop is sturdy and easily adjustable, which makes it a great option for children. It’s secure and won’t allow the blinds to move or slide off by themselves.

  1. Remove all looped pull cords:

To keep window coverings in place while they’re in use, remove all looped blind cords. Children can easily hang from the cord and pose a danger by accidentally pulling them outside the window. Looped cords are not safe around children.

All corded windows should have safety tabs on each end for safety reasons. They should also be easily adjustable with a twist or two to avoid getting hung up on items inside a room or in the bathtub.

  1. When shopping for new window coverings, consider safety:

If you’re replacing your window treatments, choose blinds and shades with loopless designs. Loop fewer options to prevent the chances of your child getting injured. They should be made from a durable material such as cotton or polyester.

  1. Use child-safe fasteners:

When mounting the blinds, use child-safe fasteners to avoid children getting injured. They have features such as close brackets that reduce the risk of injury due to entanglement or strangulation by cords, chains or pull strings.

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