How Do You Grow Vines On A Concrete Wall?

How Do You Grow Vines On A Concrete Wall?

How Do You Grow Vines On A Concrete Wall?

To grow vines on concrete block walls, you must build a trellis system unless the vine plants have holdfasts that stick to any surface. To climb vertically up a wall, vines with tendrils and twining stems require something to wrap around.

A trellis made of horizontal and vertical wires works as a practically inconspicuous support for vines growing on concrete block walls.

This living wall landscaping conceals unattractive concrete, eliminating the need to purchase stone, vinyl, or other materials to conceal foundation walls.

How to Grow Vines on a Concrete Wall;

Step 1.

Mark the concrete block wall with chalk where concrete anchors and eye bolts must be installed. 1 foot up from the ground, put a mark every 2 feet horizontally from one side of the wall to the other.

Mark additional rows 1 foot apart above the previous markings up the whole height of the wall after marking the initial row.

Step 2.

Use a hammer drill and a masonry bit to predrill holes in the concrete block at each chalk mark. The holes hold a plastic anchor into which lag eye bolts may be installed.

The hole must be as deep as the length of the plastic anchor, which is normally 1 to 2 inches.

The plastic anchor must be as long as the eye lag bolt threads, and the eye lag bolts must protrude 3 inches from the wall when the bolts are installed in the anchors.

Step 3.

Use a hammer to tap a plastic anchor into each hole, then screw an eye lag bolt into each plastic anchor. Overtightening the bolts might cause the plastic anchors to break.

Step 4.

Tie monofilament wire, often known as fishing line, to one of the bottom row’s end bolts; use at least a 15-pound test fishing line to give adequate support for the vines.

Step 5.

Wrap the monofilament wire around the next eye bolt on the bottom row. Push the wire through the eye bolt and wrap it once before moving on to the next eye bolt in the row.

Step 6.

Thread the wire through each eye bolt and tie it off when you reach the last bolt in the row. Rep this procedure for each horizontal row.

Step 7.

Attach a fresh wire to one of the bottom horizontal row’s bolts.

Step 8.

Thread the monofilament wire through the eye lag bolt right above the first bolt, wrap it once around the bolt, and repeat with the following bolt. Continue threading the vertical line until you reach the last bolt in the vertical column. To finish the trellis, repeat this method with each vertical column.

Step 9.

Place the climbing plants at the foot of the wire trellis, following the plant spacing requirements.

Train the vines’ ends to weave in and out of the wire grid and, if necessary, gently connect the vines to the wire strands to encourage the climbing habit.

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