How Do You Install A Door Into A Concrete Block Wall?

How Do You Install A Door Into A Concrete Block Wall?

How Do You Install A Door Into A Concrete Block Wall?

Concrete blocks are commonly used to construct basements and foundation walls in homes, but they can also be utilized in other places.

These blocks are long-lasting and simple to install, but they might be difficult to edit or remove. To install a door in a concrete block wall, you must first build a door opening.

The work of installing the door is quite straightforward, but making an aperture in the wall is frequently more difficult. Here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1

Select a frame. In masonry walls, hollow metal frames are commonly employed. The frame should be large enough to butt against the block on both sides and have a jamb depth equivalent to the thickness of the wall.

Purchase a frame that is meant to be installed in existing masonry walls. To accommodate masonry anchors, “dimples” will be bored into the jambs of the frame.

Step 2

Determine the height of the dimples on either side of the jamb. These measurements should be transferred to the middle of the wall on each side of the aperture. Pre-drill holes in these areas to accommodate the frame anchors.

Step 3

Insert the extension bolts for your current wall anchors into the dimples on the frame and center it within the opening.

Hammer the anchors into the frame’s dimpled portions until the anchor’s head is flush with the frame.

These anchors are intended to extend into the masonry after installation to support the frame.

Step 4

Attach the hinges to the door, then insert it into the aperture. To plumb the door, tighten or shim the hinges as needed. When the door is correctly placed and leveled, the door and jamb should have identical spacing along the full length of the opening.

Step 5

Select a lockset or handle and install it as directed by the manufacturer. Add trim or casing around the door as desired or caulk between the frame and the concrete block to finish the job.

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