How Do You Install A Royal PVC Window Sill?

How Do You Install A Royal PVC Window Sill?

How Do You Install A Royal PVC Window Sill?

To install a royal PVC window sill you will follow the following steps:

Cut the sill to size using a circular saw or a handsaw. You will have to make cuts from both the inside and outside of the window frame. Install a 4″ miter box in your table saw for a perfect cut.

  1. Line up the sill with the window frame, and mark where you want it to be mounted. Place 1-1/2″ spacers between sections of the sill and frame as they come together, so they don’t interfere with each other. Secure them with 1-1/4″ screws, one on each end and two screws at each corner.
  2. Cut a piece of plywood to fit in between the sill and the window frame, and cut a notch area in it for the sill. Install it along with some 1″ or 2″ spacers between them.
  3. Check whether the sill is flush with the bottom of the frame, and then secure it with 2″ screws through holes on all sides of the sill.
  4. Finish off by using caulking to seal any gaps between the window frame and sill

How Do You Make A Window Sill Planter Box?

  1. A window sill planter box is a rectangular box that rests on the sill of a window. They can be used to conserve space or add decorative value, depending on the options you choose to build it with or what planters you put into them.

You need the following materials to build one:

1/2″ PVC window sill

2″ x 4″ wood cutting board with 5/8″ groove cut into it

1″ drywall screws

2 MFFM (Matte Finish Filler Molding) boards, cut in half and primed, used as siding

  1. First we’re going to cut our pieces of wood so they fit properly on our sill.

Mark the board so it’s 22″ x 14″

Mark the board so it’s 22″ x 12″

Cut your boards and use them to make a box on your sill. Make sure that the box is large enough for your planters to fit in without blocking any of your windows.

  1. Now we’re going to screw our pieces of wood together, making sure not to crack the siding on our sill.

Place the 2 pieces of MFFM board facing each other and place the 4×4 between them, with its groove facing outward.

Screw down 1 inch from each side, so that they hold firmly together.

Line up the boards so that the groove is in the center of the window.

  1. Now we can start putting screws in our box. Make sure you don’t put any anywhere near your windowsill so as to avoid cracking or damaging it.

Place your 2×4 piece on top of your box, making sure its groove faces outward, and screw it down into the MFFM boards, about halfway in. The ends should be even with each other and stick out a little bit from underneath them so that we can screw down our siding onto them later on.

  1. Now we can put on our siding. Make sure it goes all the way up to the top of your box so that your planter doesn’t block any windows.

Line up an MFFM board with the end of your 4×4 and screw it down, making sure you don’t break through your siding.

Repeat step 5 until every side has siding on it.

  1. Now we can plant our planters and decorate them as we please.

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