What Depth Should The Window Sill Be?

What Depth Should The Window Sill Be?

What Depth Should The Window Sill Be?

We recommend that a window sill be 3-4 cm longer than the width of the window (for example window width 100 cm, window sill width 103-104 cm). The external window sill should extend 3-4 cm above the facade, and the internal window sill should extend 2-3 cm above the plaster.

For the location of the window sill, it should be centered on the window and on the inside facing inwards. It is most important that it be symmetric, or at least that it isn’t too wide so that anyone looking in won’t get a distorted view of what’s happening inside.

The sills can be different depending on taste. The ones used by us are usually common stone, granite, or concrete. However, the choice is here entirely yours to make.

There are those who buy designs instead and then put them in their homes themselves. Depending on the particular design you choose, you can make a nice, original design for your window.

There are also those who lend from other places. Dedicated to the target of allocating any and all things that can be used, this is why we will now talk about salvaging. Surprised? In order not to be, we will give a few examples of some nature.

For example, if you look at the big aquariums that exist in almost every fish shop and care center, at first glance they may seem like they couldn’t fit into many homes because they’re so big. However, these are usually made with several small aquariums inside of them. If you remove one of these little aquariums, it will leave you with space for another.

At first, it seems like you need to be very skilled to make something like this, but in reality, it requires some good knowledge and a little patience. On the other side, we have those that do not look that great because they don’t have the best quality materials or do not get used at all because they’re weird.

You can have a dozen or so window sills around your home that would be completely useless if someone came in and saw them as trash bins for all their garbage.

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