What Durable Material Is Used For The Sill Of A Traditional Window?

What Durable Material Is Used For The Sill Of A Traditional Window?

What Durable Material Is Used For The Sill Of A Traditional Window?

Wood has traditionally been used in window casings and sills. Wood, on the other hand, warps and ages poorly and requires a lot of maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum became popular due to their ease of maintenance and low cost.

Adhesives were used by craftsmen to ensure the tightness and durability of window sills; however, these adhesives are not always effective. Vinyl is used for window sills because it is a semi-clear material that does not attract much dirt. This material is also relatively inexpensive. In addition, vinyl can be painted with a stain or clear paint to give it a new look.

Since vinyl has a tendency to hide a lot of dirt, it is advised that you use a brush or power washer. Used in conjunction with soap, the power washer will help remove stains and dirt. Vinyl can also be easily scratched; therefore, it requires careful handling.

Aluminum has the highest resistance to corrosion and is highly resistant to weathering. It does not require much maintenance and is quite durable. Aluminum is also easy to maintain because it can be cleaned using soap and water or sprayed with a garden hose if necessary.

Aluminum is also more expensive than vinyl and requires diligent cleaning if scratches are not desired. Aluminum siding has become popular because it provides needed protection from the weather and insects as well as being easy to install.

However, this material tends to rust easily over time exposing its steel core so it must be protected from rain, snow, and wind. If you are purchasing a home with an old window sill, then you must determine whether the sills are in or out. If the window sill is in, then you will have to replace it as soon as possible.

In addition, if the sill is in, then you can insert your own sill made from wood or plastic (deaf). However, if the window sill is out, then there is no need for a replacement because existing windowsills are usually very sturdy and able to support your weight on them.

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