How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner Without A Window Sill?

How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner Without A Window Sill?

How Do You Install A Window Air Conditioner Without A Window Sill?

All you need to do is add a mounting bracket to the outside of your window. The bracket provides the necessary mounting platform when placed at the same level as the base of your window frame.

1. Choose the perfect place for installing the air conditioner. Measure the area that you have chosen, and make sure that it is at least three feet from the wall.

2. Examine your home’s electrical system to make sure that it does not present any hazards for you to install an air conditioner on its window sill.

3. Choose the best window for installing your air conditioner by checking its size, shape, and installation requirements.

4. Select a spot in your home’s interior where you can easily reach the controls of your AC unit and keep in mind this location while drilling holes into your window sill or walls to ensure that they are located in an accessible spot.

5. Drill holes in your window sill, and then insert the anchors into the holes. Place your air conditioner, and use a level to make sure that it is positioned just right.

6. Drill holes in your wall, and then insert the anchor bolts into the holes. Hang your air conditioner on the mount, and turn it on for some test runs before finally installing it inside the interior of your home.

7. Locate an electrical outlet near an exterior window of your home. Measure the distance between your window and the outlet and mark it on the wall.

8. Drill holes in the wall, and then insert anchor bolts into these holes. Connect a heavy-duty extension cord to each of these anchors, and attach your AC unit to it with its cables.

9. Connect an in-line switch to the electrical outlet near your window, and turn it on using a remote control. Insert two storage dishes at least one inch apart into each other and drop four screws into them long enough for them to be fastened. Now fill each one with empty food or snack cans for additional weight when you adjust their position for better air circulation inside your home’s interior.

10. Seal the hole at the outlet in your wall with caulk to keep out insects, and then adjust the position of your window so that it is away from a non-insulated wall. (Vents are best installed at least 1 foot from any unheated space.)

11. Return to your air conditioner, and make any necessary adjustments using the remote. If you are using an AC unit with a remote control system, you can use this to make adjustments to details such as the fan speed or temperature settings.

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