How Do You Make A Handrail For Concrete Steps?

How Do You Make A Handrail For Concrete Steps?

How Do You Make A Handrail For Concrete Steps?

Exterior concrete steps are long-lasting and sturdy. Metal handrails will outlast the steps and will not need to be replaced.

Setting the vertical posts into the concrete stairs to hold them in place is the first step in installing a metal hand railing.

This is how you can make Handrail For Concrete Steps;

  • Place the handrail on the steps, loosely assembled with the vertical posts and top rail.
  • Using a marker, draw a circle around the bottom of each vertical post on the concrete.
  • Remove and lay aside the railing.
  • Place a metal flange over one of the concrete markers. The flange should be centered such that the post-hole marking is in the middle of the flange. To mark the concrete, insert a marker into each of the four screw holes in the flange.
  • Insert a 12-inch masonry bit into a drill. Place the drill on one of the concrete screw hole markers. Squeeze the trigger to drill straight down into the concrete while holding the drill at a 45-degree angle to it. This procedure should be repeated for each screw hole.
  • Attach a flange to the markings on the concrete stairs for each vertical post.
  • Drill a 1/4-inch concrete screw into each flange’s four screw holes.
  • Insert a vertical post into each flange and use a level to confirm that it is level horizontally and vertically.
  • Insert an Allen wrench into the flange and tighten the post into the flange clockwise. This procedure should be repeated for each vertical post.
  • Slide a swivel socket towards the top of each vertical post and slightly tighten it with an Allen wrench to keep it in place.
  • Center the upper handrail on the vertical posts by sliding it through the swivel sockets.
  • Tighten the handrail to the vertical posts using an Allen wrench. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise to tighten the swivel sockets onto the vertical posts completely.

How Do You Make A Handrail On Existing Concrete?

Handrails are an essential component of any construction that requires climbing. Stairs can be dangerous, but they can be prevented by adding a railing. This can be difficult if the steps or stairs are made of concrete.

On the other hand, the do-it-yourself homeowner can install a handrail that will make her proud with the right instructions and supplies.

A drill bit suitable for concrete or masonry and a 12-inch drill are the only instruments required.

These two tools will ensure that the process proceeds smoothly. A handrail’s minimum height is 42 inches.

Step 1

Install the brackets for the railing on the steps to provide the necessary support when utilized. Drill the holes where the brackets will be attached to the concrete and drill the holes with the masonry bit.

Step 2

Place the toggle bolts in the holes and tighten them. Next, use the nuts to fasten the brackets to the stairs.

Step 3

Install the railing posts by fastening them to the bracket using an Allen Wrench. Install the swivel sockets to accept the top rail next.

Step 4

Attach the top rail to the vertical support parts by inserting it into the swivel sockets and tightening the swivel sockets with the Allen Wrench.

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