How Do You Make Cheap Window Trim?

How Do You Make Cheap Window Trim?

How Do You Make Cheap Window Trim?

Window trim is a key part of any home, and can add a lot of value and style. However, it can be expensive to buy or install. There are a number of ways to make your own window trim, and all of them are affordable and easy to do. Here are four tips on how to make cheap window trim:

  1. Use a piece of wood or a cardboard tube to create a frame for your trim.

Cut the wood or tube to the desired size and screw it to the window sill or frame using screws or nails. Use a piece of cardboard and a paintbrush to make your own trims.

Cut strips of old cardboard into the desired width and length of the trim. Paint a layer of glue over the cardboard, then apply tape strips over the surface, and apply another layer of glue on top. Finally, remove the tape and let it dry for 24 hours. A narrow piece of wood or PVC is often used for window trim.

  1. Turn to old toys and furniture to find pieces that can be used as window trim.

Old dressers, chairs, and tables can be cut down to the desired size and used as trim. Simply sand the furniture down before using it as trim. Applying an oil-based finish to wood can give it a dark appearance. Stains, paints, and varnishes used with stains are also popular for home window trim.

Use cheap exterior paint to create your own window trim. You can use your existing color of paint for the trim but stick to lighter colors or neutral colors so that the trims look slightly more expensive than they are on their own.

  1. Make your own window trim using fabric.

Cut a piece of fabric the desired size and attach it to the window sill or frame using a staple gun or hot glue. You can use lace and ribbon to create a more decorative window trim or blinds. Make your own molding for doors and windows using foam sheets, wire, and glue.

Cut a sheet of foam into the desired shape using fabric scissors. Use wire to curve the trim into the desired shape, then use glue to hold it in place once it is shaped correctly. You can use this to cover the edge of wooden windowsills or door frames that are visible from outside of your home.

  1. Use a decorative curtain or curtain panel to create your own window trim.

Simply cut the panel to the desired size and attach it to the window using a wire or ribbon frame. You can also use curtain valances to create the appearance of trim without actually having to use any.

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