How Much Does It Cost To Vinyl Wrap Window Trim?

How Much Does It Cost To Vinyl Wrap Window Trim?

How Much Does It Cost To Vinyl Wrap Window Trim?

Installing vinyl-clad trim costs about $1 per linear foot plus labor and necessitates the removal of existing materials. A vinyl window wrap will cost around $180 for a 5-by-3-foot window, including the unit and labor.

This comparison is based on the added labor and material removal but excludes the additional vinyl wrap material.

The best window wrap comes with a full-service installation. If you are installing your own vinyl window wrap, make sure you spend time reading and following directions properly in order to get a proper installation.

Window wraps protect windows from inclement weather and provide protection from ultraviolet rays that fade homes’ colors.

They also keep out rain, snow, wind, and other elements that can damage windows or cause them to break; they won’t insulate windows against heat or cold or protect them against hail damage. You can find similar products for home exterior use as well (although not nearly as cost-effective).

A home’s window frames can be wrapped in vinyl in order to increase their lifespan, protect them from damage and provide a clean, uniform look. The main cost associated with this process is your time.

If you do the work yourself but only have basic DIY skills, expect to spend around $80 for the vinyl wrap and tape—for installation on one window (not including labor). This figure will double or triple as you work your way around your home.

If you hire a professional to handle the job for you, expect to spend around $350 for each window that needs to be covered. This will include labor, material, and any miscellaneous fees.

The cost of the vinyl wrap is just a small portion of what you’ll pay when dealing with window coverings. To get a feel for how much vinyl wraps cost in total, and how they compare with other popular options, it’s helpful to review real-life prices from sales and offers available online.

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