Is Black Window Trim A Fad?

Is Black Window Trim A Fad?

Is Black Window Trim A Fad?

Yes. Because black windows aren’t a new trend, they’re unlikely to go out of fashion. They look great in both contemporary and traditional home designs and can give a room a modern or classic feel. However, some people feel black windows are an outdated choice for homes in need of updating.

Relatively speaking, black window trims are a cost-effective way to give a room an update. However, keep in mind that changing the trim on your windows means you’ll also have to replace the blinds or curtains.

Black is neutral, which makes it a great option for any interior home design. It’s currently one of the most popular window trim colors in homes across the United States and can complement both traditional and contemporary interior designs beautifully.

Black is always in style, which means it will never date. If you want to update your home but keep it looking current, black window trims will get you where you want to go quickly and cheaply.

The truth is that you can’t go wrong with black window trims. It’s a versatile, striking choice that can be incorporated seamlessly into any home design, whether it’s contemporary or traditional.

You’ll find black wood window trim on many homes from the 1950s to today, as well as in some other popular styles such as Victorian and colonial homes. You can extend the life of your windows with vinyl and black window trims, which will help protect them from water and provide them with a clean look.

While black windows may not be the most popular choice right now, they’re certainly not gone.

It’s possible to get them if you’re willing to pay a premium price or custom design them yourself through online window-covering stores such as, which offers custom window vinyl designs ranging in price from $2 to $20 per square foot.

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