How Do You Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles From Concrete?

How Do You Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles From Concrete?

How Do You Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles From Concrete?

Because concrete is strong and long-lasting, many homeowners have their vinyl tiles installed on a concrete flooring.

However, vinyl tiles, like most flooring, do not endure forever and must be replaced at some point. However, in order to install new flooring, the old tiles must be removed. Here’s how to get remove of it;

Clean Up The Area.

Remove any furniture and heavy things from the room so that you have complete access to the work space. It will facilitate the removal of the tiles.

If you are not installing new flooring right away, keep the things in a secure, dry area until the new installation is completed.

Take Away The Baseboard Trim.

Baseboards are used to hide the tile edges where they meet the walls. You must remove them to have full access to the tiling and corners of the room. Begin by cutting a slit in the caulk to make room for the pry bar.

Then, position a piece of wood against the wall above the pry bar and wedge the pry bar between the trim and the wall. The wooden block will protect the wall from scratches.

Then, carefully shake the pry bar back and forth to release the trim. Once the trim is entirely free, peel it away from the wall with your hands.

Mark the back of each board if you intend to use them later so you don’t mix them up. It will aid you in getting everything back into position faster during the reinstallation.

Cut And Remove The Tiles.

The majority of vinyl tiles are perimeter installed, which means that the majority of the glue is put around the perimeter of the tile.

The core of the tile normally contains little to no adhesive. Simply score the tiles along the borders and pull the central part out to remove them.

However, if the entire tile is glued to the ground, tugging the center may not work. To remove such tiles, cut them into four-inch pieces and scrape beneath each strip with a putty knife.

As you scrape, use your free hand to remove the tile from the concrete. Repeat the procedure to cut and remove the remaining tiles.

Soften The Remaining Adhesive.

If you remove your vinyl tiles but discover that most of the adhesive remains on the floor, consider soaking it in warm water to release it. Fill a pail halfway with hot water and add a little bit of powder laundry soap, then apply the solution evenly on the adhesive.

Allow the liquid to soak in and soften the glue for about thirty minutes. After this, you should be able to remove the adhesive.

If the hot water doesn’t work, you might try using a heat gun or a hair dryer. If you’re going to use a hair dryer, make sure it’s set to the maximum setting.

Heat directly over the sticky glue to soften it, then scrape it off the floor with a putty knife.

Holding the heating equipment too close to the concrete will harm it, and holding it too close to your skin will burn you.

Clean The Floor.

Sweep up all of the loose glue that has now accumulated in the room using a broom. You may also wish to use a mop soaked in a soapy solution to fully clean the floor. If you intend to install a new floor straight away, let the concrete to completely cure before proceeding.

Remove The Scrap Vinyl.

Place the scrap vinyl and adhesive in contractor bags for disposal and consult with your garbage provider to determine the best method to dispose of or recycle the goods.

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