How Long Do You Leave Concrete Before Polishing?

How Long Do You Leave Concrete Before Polishing?

How Long Do You Leave Concrete Before Polishing?

In general, concrete should be left to cure for at least 28 days before polishing. However, if the weather is particularly cold or wet, it may be necessary to wait longer for the concrete to cure fully before polishing.

If someone attempts to polish concrete before the 28-day curing time has passed, they risk damaging the slab during grinding or achieving a much fuller exposure than desired.

The amount of time that concrete needs to cure before it can be polished depends on a number of factors, including the type of concrete mix used, the weather conditions during and after the pour, and the thickness of the slab.

What Is The Best Concrete Polishing Machine?

A three-headed planetary grinder is a more flexible piece of equipment that can grind the floor to the necessary CSP and polish it.

Depending on the manufacturer, these devices can be chain-driven, gear-driven, belt-driven, or even centrifugal-force-driven.

This is how a three-headed planetary grinder works… the huge drum in the image above acts similarly to a “solar system.” This drum may be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

The “planets” are the three cutting heads. All three heads of a three-headed planetary grinder will revolve in the opposite direction as the main drum/plate, delivering an effective, uniform cut to the concrete.

The opposing heads result in a machine that is well-balanced and easy to handle for the operator.

Do You Need To Seal The Concrete Before Polishing It?

You need to seal a concrete floor after it has been polished. Polished concrete is similar to conventional concrete, with the exception that the surface has been ground, honed, and polished to attain a level of smoothness and shine.

Polished concrete is an increasingly popular option for underfloor heating and is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Furthermore, polished concrete may offer a smooth aesthetic between the interior and outside, and it is also easy to clean and low-maintenance.

A pH-neutral cleanser may be used to give your floors a deep clean or a fast mop twice a week, but concrete should be sealed for optimum performance.

Does Polished Concrete Flooring Need Sealing?

Although a stone sealer is required, polished concrete flooring is a very durable option for the house. With the proper stain-proofing and protective treatment, this flooring can resist heavy usage and is ideal for pet-friendly families.

The sole consideration with polished concrete is its porous nature, thus, an excellent sealer is very necessary to extend the life of your flooring.

Scuffs and stains should be avoided on polished interior concrete. Ideally, the high gloss sheen should last for a long period; else, a matte concrete finish would be preferable.

A stone sealer will bring out the surface beauty of concrete, protect it from stains, and make maintenance a breeze.

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