How Much Are Wooden Window Shutters?

How Much Are Wooden Window Shutters?

How Much Are Wooden Window Shutters?

The cost of installing or fixing wood shutters ranges from $1,400 to $4,000 for the ordinary homeowner. Interior shutter costs will vary depending on the type of shutters used, their size, how many windows they cover, and whether expert installation is included.

Wood shutters are inexpensive. For example, a pair of wooden window shutters is less expensive than plastic or vinyl shutters and can last a long time. If one set of window shutters breaks, it’s usually cheaper to have the entire set replaced than to replace just one.

If you have wooden windows and need to install window shutters, choose wooden window shutters. They are more expensive than plastic or vinyl, but they last longer, work better and look great.

Here are some reasons why you should choose wood as your window treatment:

  1. Wooden shutters let in light. A set of wooden shutter panels will let in a lot more light than a set of plastic or vinyl panels because they allow the sun to shine through them.
  2. Wooden shutters keep out noise. A set of wooden shutter panels will prevent drafts from getting into your home when you open your windows at night or during cold or windy weather, so nighttime noises will not translate into daytime noises in your home.
  3. Wooden shutters are a good security measure. A set of wooden shutter panels will keep your windows and home safe from intruders because they are hard to break through and hold securely in place when closed or partially opened.
  4. Wooden shutters last for a long time. Wooden shutter panels last for decades if properly installed, so you’ll be able to use them for a long time without having to replace them.
  5. Wooden shutters are easy to clean and maintain. If you do need to clean wooden shutter panels, it’s usually an easy matter of wiping them down with a damp rag or using mild detergents on them in some cases.


What Are The Best Window Shutters?

  1. Exterior Repairs Shutters made of vinyl:

Vinyl is a choice that is easy to maintain and can be used as window shutters. It also gives you the freedom to change the color of your shutters anytime you want.

  1. Honeycomb Shutter by Achim Home Furnishings:

This is a choice of window shutters that offers an original design. It is made from MDF and has a honeycomb structure.

  1. FirsTime & Company Wood Shutters:

Made from the best quality wood and PVC, this shutter is a great choice for improving the energy efficiency of your home.

  1. Panel Vinyl Shutters from Mid-America:

This is a window shutter that helps you make the most of your garden patio because it comes with a low-maintenance screen that keeps insects away.

  1. Board-and-batten shutters:

When you need quality window shutters that will last for years, this is a choice that will help you with your remodel.

  1. Shed Shutter with Louvered Panels:

This shutter can be used to protect your home from the elements and for added privacy.

  1. FirsTime and Co. Raleigh Shutter:

This is a choice of window shutters that are designed to give you complete protection at an affordable price; however, the product is only available in the colors white, beige, and black.

  1. Vinyl window shutters for the outside:

This is a window shutter that can be used for the outside of the home. It’s easy to install and maintain, although it does not come with louvers.

  1. Polaris Homeside Split Vinyl Shutter:

This is a window shutter that comes with various features and benefits.

  1. SunCraft Plantation Shutters:

This is a window shutter with louvers, giving you the freedom to choose when you’d like to let in air.

  1. Wood Shutters by LTL Home Products:

These are shutters made of wood. They are made for the outside of the home and in several different styles and colors.

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