How Much Does A Custom Window Treatment Cost?

How Much Does A Custom Window Treatment Cost?

How Much Does A Custom Window Treatment Cost?

Most homeowners spend an average of $800 to install custom window treatments, but it can range from $150 to $3,000 per treatment, plus labor costs. Blinds are typically on the low end of the price spectrum, whereas custom curtains and drapes are on the high end.

Drapes, valances, and swags are generally more expensive to purchase than roller shades. Tapes are used to affix drapes, valances, and swags to windows, but custom tape is not inexpensive. Getting the right amount of fabric can cost as much as buying the fabric for custom draperies.

Roller shades are a budget-friendly option for home window treatments. They have an average cost of $70 to $150 per treatment, plus installation costs. In a pinch, roller shades can also be installed by pros at affordable rates – typically around $30-$60 per treatment for installation costs and additional labor charges.

The average cost of blinds is between $25 and $300 per treatment. They are easy to install, but professionally installed blinds are a bit more expensive than do-it-yourself options.

When choosing window treatments for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider. Where you want them installed, how much light and privacy you want, how your neighbors like to use their windows – all these things can help narrow down the options for what will look best on your windows.

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