How Thick Is A Window Sash?

How Thick Is A Window Sash?

How Thick Is A Window Sash?

The 2 3/16 inches is the standard sash thickness “(56mm) with laminated sash components for added stability. Other window sash thicknesses are available upon request. Window sash widths and heights are built to +/-1/16 inch tolerances Tolerance of 1mm Double mortise and tenon joints are used to build standard window sash corners.

The window sash is available in custom thicknesses and widths upon request. Individual window jambs are designed with a 1/16-inch tolerance to ensure that the exterior and interior of the window will fit snugly. Our windows are assembled using architectural screws for a positive secure installation.

We use mason’s points to provide a smooth joinery connection between the two halves of the sash components. The flanges on each side of the window are fastened together using hidden mortise and tenon joinery which is primarily used for structural integrity but is also highly decorative.

Mortice and tenon joints are also used when attaching doors to walls, and cabinets to doors, shelves, or other fittings. Our standard door thickness is 2 3/16 inches (56 mm) in nominal thickness and 0.032 inches (0.8 mm) in actual thickness.

Also, for your information, our sash thickness is 1 1/4 inches (31 mm) in nominal thickness and 0.038 inches (1.0 mm) in actual thickness. Their thickness is 42mm. Windows can be retrofitted into an existing structure by replacing the window sash that is already there, but sliding doors are also an option.

A sliding door is more versatile than a regular door as it allows you to adjust the amount of light that enters your home, as well as allowing for extra space for entertaining or making an entrance during colder months.


What Are The Best Sash Window Locks?

Sash window locks provide a high level of security if properly maintained and locked. The Fitch sash window lock is the most secure fastener. This is because the half-circle catch is less vulnerable to attack because it is difficult to open from the outside of the window.

This increases the security of your home as well as minimizes the risk of broken glass in the home, making it a good choice for anyone with young children or pets. Also, the Fitch sash window lock is more difficult to pick than other window locks.

It is important that you clean your sash window locks regularly in order to prevent the risk of the lock jamming. This will also help to reduce wear and tear and ensure that your windows operate smoothly at all times.

Another option available for your home is the safety cable and clasp. This is not as secure as a traditional lock, but it does help to prevent children from gaining access to your home as well as preventing break-ins by opportunistic burglars.

The Fitch sash window lock can be used on all types of windows, including French, sliding, and casement windows. A unique feature is that the Fitch sash window lock can be dismantled without needing the use of tools, making it less dangerous for children.

Also, the Fitch window lock is larger than most of the other options available, which makes it easier to use and gives you more space.

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