How Thick Is Epoxy Terrazzo?

How Thick Is Epoxy Terrazzo?

How Thick Is Epoxy Terrazzo?

Epoxy terrazzo can be poured at 3/8” or as little as ¼” thick. Cement terrazzo requires a minimum depth of 2 1/2″, including setting bed. One of the most common terrazzo details I’m asked about is a transition to dissimilar finishes.  With a 3/8″ pour, you will have a terrazzo floor that will last a lifetime. Epoxy terrazzo is a type of terrazzo made with epoxy resin.

It is a strong and durable material used in various applications. The maximum thickness of epoxy terrazzo is 6-8mm, making it a thicker and heavier system than other types of terrazzo. However, this thickness makes it ideal for use in areas where a strong and durable material is required, such as internal applications.

However, the thicker the material, the more difficult it is to work with, as there will be a lot of crevices for dirt and debris to get into. For this reason, we recommend a minimum thickness of 3mm for epoxy terrazzo floors.

What Is An Epoxy/Concrete Composite Floor?

Resin flooring is a type of flooring that involves pouring epoxy resin onto a concrete surface, which then hardens and forms a sturdy layer. Resin flooring is useful in commercial and industrial spaces because it is durable, easy to clean, and cheap – however, it may be applied in residential spaces too.

Resin flooring is a popular choice for many commercial and industrial spaces because it is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, resin flooring is relatively cheap compared to other types of flooring, making it a cost-effective option for many businesses.

An epoxy/concrete composite floor is created by mixing epoxy resin and polymer concrete. Because of its chemical resistance, this type of surface does not require a coating like polyurethane or polyaspartic.

The difference between polymer concrete and concrete is that polymer concrete is lighter, stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to chemical attack than standard concrete.

Polymer concrete also offers better impact resistance while retaining similar compressive strength as standard concrete.

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