How Wide Does Window Film Come?

How Wide Does Window Film Come?

How Wide Does Window Film Come?

Window film comes in a variety of widths, from 2 inches to 5 feet. The most popular widths are 36 inches and 48 inches.

Architectural window film is available in 36′′, 48′′, and 60′′ wide standard rolls. In addition, some dry adhesive films and clear safety films come in 72′′ widths. Standard pricing is based on 100 linear feet of film. Additional cuts and rolls can be provided, in the case of an extra-long window – up to 454 cubits (1219 feet).

Please note that 20+ rolls of 72′′ film are generally only provided 60-foot lengths. What Is The Best Window Film? The best window film for your needs will depend on your local climate, location, and design needs.

Factors such as the size of your windows, the size of your home, and the type of window you have will all play a part in making this decision. For example, using a shine-through film may be difficult if you have a lot of trees that are blocking sunlight from reaching your windows or if you’re looking to protect against UV rays in an area with less sunlight during the day.

For basements, consider the different styles of wall and ceiling finishes you have. For example, a 3 mil vinyl film may not be thick enough to prevent light leaks, while a 1.5 mil film will definitely be sufficient. Installation: Window film comes in rolls that are continuous on each side of your window.

This means that there is no need to cut around the windows or sides of your home because you can use the length of one roll as two separate pieces. You can apply the film at any time during the day or night and in any orientation (vertical or horizontal) as long as you are within 75% of the width (on-screen) or height (on-screen) of your window.


Can You Use Window Film On Mirrors?

Yes. Window film on a mirror is an excellent way to update the appearance of a room. Install the film in the same manner as you would any other window film. Our border designs are ideal for mirrors.

If you want to protect your mirror against the effects of damage caused by shattering glass, you can use window film to prevent that piece of glass from falling into your mirror.

The best window film will neutralize any harmful UV rays and reflects light in a clear fashion. This way, you will be able to see out of your mirror just as if there was no film involved at all. Please take your time when researching film for your windows and mirrors.

Many customers choose to apply a protection film to their own mirrors before installing or putting their windows into position. This is a good idea if you want to avoid any of the problems caused by using film on the outside of your mirror.

It’s relatively easy to apply the film to a mirror, and it will yield similar results as if you had installed this protection film on the outside of your window.

If you want to protect your mirror from being broken into pieces from a flying rock or projectile, some customers choose to use both window film and protective mirrored film instead of just using one or the other for maximum protection.

This is especially common in urban areas where anyone can pick up a stone and hurl it at random windows. Using both types of protection will help prevent injury if this happens.


Does Window Film Protect Against Hurricanes?

No. Window film has advantages, but it does not completely protect your windows, especially when storms are predicted. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you will require more than a protective coating on your windows to weather the storm.

Sometimes, hurricane-force winds can blow windows out of their frames. Because of this, it’s not enough for your windows to be protected from harm with security films and other products. Window film will only immobilize broken glass, but will not be able to prevent shattered glass from scattering.

The best window film, therefore, will also include window sealant. Window film is applied in a very similar way as it would be if you were working on any other window that had been struck by an impact.

The goal is to apply the film so that the glass is completely immobilized which means that it cannot break into pieces as a result of being deformed or distorted by high wind pressure. If your windows have been damaged and you want to do everything possible to prevent the glass from shattering, you will want to consider using a film that includes a window sealant.

Window sealant is applied in much the same way as regular window film and works in the same way: First, you apply the film on-screen (and it’s important that it is applied on-screen). All security films are available in both a clear and a black finish and with one- or two-inch borders.

Next, carefully cut around the edges of your window by pulling the remaining screen into position by hand or with scissors. At this point, remove any remaining protective tape and apply one or two coats of sealant under the security film.


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