How Wide Should Curtains Be For 100-Inch Windows?

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 100-Inch Windows?

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 100-Inch Windows?

If the window is 100 inches wide, the curtains should be 125 inches wide so that they hang off the window when open. Measure from one edge inside the frame to the opposite side’s inside edge for an inside-mount curtain.

Measure from one edge of the bottom edge to the opposite side for a top-mount curtain. In addition, consider the height of your window. If it is not too tall, you can leave the curtains at their full length. If your window is tall, being a bit shorter or gathering them in will give you more privacy.

If you need help figuring out the right length for a window, try this handy tool on the Web site of an organization that sells home furnishings and accessories. Select a room that needs to be covered with sheer curtains and enter the width of the window in inches.

The tool will give you some options for where to hem your curtains so they hang off enough but close enough to stay in place so they don’t billow down over anything.

If the pattern envelope is hanging on the window, use either a swatch or small scissors to cut along a straight line at both ends of the pattern envelope and then clip it. For a large window, measure from each end along the curtain’s body to make sure your curtain panels are an even size.

To determine if your sheers are closed or open, hold them up in front of you if they have a long strip at each end that is sewn up to form loops. If there is no strip along an edge, then you will be able to read the print on one side of your sheers when you open and close them.

If you are installing your Café curtains in a dining room, and the chair rail is higher than three inches off the floor, you will need to install track-mounted curtains on each side of the chair rail.

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 96-Inch Windows?

Curtains for a 96-inch window should be between 192 and 240 inches wide, according to the rule of thumb. Aim for 288 inches wide for a fuller look. You can get decorative curtains as narrow as 144 inches wide. Standard-width curtains are around 192 inches wide.

To get a precise measurement, add the height of your window to the width. If you need curtains for a 96-inch wide and 78-inch tall window, for example, it will be about 240 inches long in total.

If you have chosen sheers made out of fabric and want to mount them on the window casing instead of on the wall, measure from the casing’s edge to the ceiling, excluding any crown molding that might be in front of them. Treat the measurement as the height of the window.

If you want them to hang from one end of your window, measure from the casing’s edge to the wall. Treat the measurement as the height of your window. Keep in mind that window treatments shouldn’t be too wide, because more fabric will flap in the breeze.

On a side note, remember that curtains closer to the floor tend to billow more due to wind pressure, so if you have a high window, it is best to go with a wider curtain for better coverage. Consider using valances if the window is very tall.

If you are planning to hang your curtains from a rod or bar mounted outside the window frame, use the following method: Measure down from the top of the frame by 1.5 to 3 inches, depending on whether you want them closer to the floor or want more excess fabric at the bottom to help them stay put.

Measure up from the bottom of the frame by 1.5 to 3 inches as well. You can also wrap a tape measure around all four sides of your window and add up all four measurements for the total width with which you’ll purchase or make your curtains.

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 72-Inch Windows?

Curtains with a finished width of at least 1.5 times the width of a 72-inch window are required, but curtains with twice that width, or even three times the width for sheers, are preferable. As a result, for a 72-inch window, you’ll need two 72-inch panels for twice the width and a luxurious gather.

For an accent window, you can get away with a single panel. Measure and mark your curtains from the outer edge of the window casing to the floor, making sure that the top edge of each panel’s sheers will fall just 1.5 inches below the window frame and not touch it while they are open.

You can also measure each side of your window and add them together to get the total curtains’ width. The 1-inch seam allowance is necessary for a good fit; you should use 1/2-inch seam allowances if you prefer to hem your curtains.

To determine whether your sheers have grommets or rings in the seams, look at them or ask sales personnel at their store. The 1.5-inch mark is an inch bigger than the diameter of the grommets or rings. For sheers with rings, the ring should not be wider than 1 inch.

Divide your total curtains’ width by 2 to calculate the fabric needed for each panel. Multiply this number by 2 to get extra fabric for gathering and tucking in at each end of your window.

If you need two 72-inch panels, for example, divide your total width by 2 (the result is equal to 144 inches) and multiply it by 2 (the result equals 288 inches, for a finished width of 288 inches). You will need 144 x 2 = 288 inches of fabric or 240 yards to finish those two panels.


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