What Is The Trim Around A Window Called?

What Is The Trim Around A Window Called?

What Is The Trim Around A Window Called?

It is called Casing. The casing is the decorative molding or framing that surrounds a window and covers the space between the window frame or jamb and the wall. It is also known as window trim.

The casing can be made from many different materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. It can also be decorative or functional and does not always have to cover the entire window. The trim around a window typically includes a header, quarter round, and sill height molding/sash weight.

All these pieces of casing material typically come in several different sizes for different windows; for example, the header might only cover one window in a door while the quarter round will cover all four windows in a doorway. There are various names for different types of casing.

A jamb, for example, is part of the casing that connects the jambs of the window and is typically made from the same material. A sash is a frame of a window (typically two vertical frames) that contains one or more panes of glass.

The function of a window is to provide light and/or ventilation to a room. The trim around the windows provides protection, support, and decoration. The casing also helps protect people and objects when there are high winds present.

It also helps keep out insects, dust, birds, rainwater, and other potentially damaging particles from entering the house through the open window by closing off any gaps in between rooms with its sealing function.

The simplest casing is referred to as a “header.” Although the name may suggest that it is an integral part of the window, it’s actually made from sheet metal if the window is sheeted. It can be fastened directly to both sides of the opening with nails or screws.

If a different style window, like one with casement or double hung sash, is used as a header, it commonly consists of three pieces: a vertical piece (the header), flanking pieces (the upper and lower sash and upper and lower sidelights) and a horizontal piece (a flanking molding).

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