How Wide Should Curtains Be For 120-Inch Windows?

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 120-Inch Windows?

How Wide Should Curtains Be For 120-Inch Windows?

Curtains with a finished width of at least 1.5 times the width of a 120-inch window are required, but curtains with twice that width, or even three times the width for sheers, are preferable. As a result, for a 120-inch window, you’ll need two 120-inch panels for twice the width and a luxurious gather.

You can make curtains for your 120-inch window on your own. You’ll need two yards of fabric that is at least 120 inches long. The finished width will be 60 inches, but the finished length will be longer by the amount that you gather the fabric.

In addition, you’ll need four fifteen-inch wide panels or any other width that you prefer, plus 8″ to 10″ of allowance. Since curtains are hung approximately halfway down a window, an allowance of 8″ to 10″ is used so that they can be gathered below without being too short to allow for a curtain rod and tiebacks or other hardware.

The smaller and shorter the window, the more desirable a fabric is to use. However, you can use an inexpensive, but strong 100% cotton seam binding tape when making curtains for small windows that aren’t exposed too much weather. This will help keep your drapes from getting caught in rain or snow and also prevent them from sliding off your window during moderate weather changes.

Many people think that extra wide curtains are better than narrower and longer ones since they have more fabric material to cover up the side of the window. However, this isn’t always true since wider fabrics can be heavy. In addition, they may gather too tightly at their edges if not hemmed properly.

Can You Put 3 Curtains On A Window?

Yes. Install a traverse rod so that you can easily and simply pull all three curtains in the same direction, or two curtains in one direction and the third curtain in the other. Examine your window hardware before deciding which way to open your curtains on your window.

If your curtains are on a rod and you are finding that your curtain drapes don’t allow light to enter your room during the day, then you will want to install two rods instead of one. If the window is smaller than 5″ wide, install additional brackets so that when they are combined they fit within the width of the window.

Window treatments will stay in place better if you take the time to install them properly. In addition, if you do buy drapes that are too long for your window, you can either hem them or use polyester fabric tape.

To ensure that your drapes don’t come off the track and bunch up, it’s important to apply an even amount of tension to each curtain when hanging it. Use weights that are sold at most department stores and hardware stores in the curtain rod aisle. Be sure to hang the curtains using dry-cleaning hooks or tacks so they won’t scratch your wall when pulled down.

Once you have your ironing board set up, turn on the iron and let it heat up. Get your ironing board cover out of the way by folding it over onto itself and tucking the excess fabric underneath.

Using a clean cotton cloth, cover the front of the curtain with a small amount of water. Once you spread it out, make sure that you are using circular motions to add as much water as possible to the entire curtain. If you want to steam in your ironed curtains, then fill up a measuring cup with distilled water and use that instead of plain tap water.


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