What Material Make Curtains Stronger?

What Material Make Curtains Stronger?

What Material Make Curtains Stronger?

100% linen or linen blended with rayon is your best bet. These are much more durable fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling and fade. Better yet, if you use decorator fabrics like those from Everhem, you can be confident that your window treatments have already been treated for maximum durability.

Though cotton fabrics are usually cheaper than linen and rayon, you must be careful about what type of fabric you choose. This is because cotton has a tendency to take on dyes quite well. It’s okay if your curtains have a light color, but make sure that if you want white curtains you get 100% cotton unless it’s the exact color white that was on the pattern.

Blend fabrics-when purchasing window treatments in the store, most of the time they come with a clear plastic bag around them. Cotton is the least durable option. However, if you can find drapey cotton that are heavy-weight and made from 100% cotton (such as Angora), this will be the best material for your curtains.

The problem with using drapey cotton curtains is that they often aren’t able to stand up to frequent washing or drying. Cotton/linen blends (such as cotton/rayon) are a good choice as they are often treated with a fabric protector to help prevent fading and also have a slight moisture-wicking effect. They are also much more durable than 100% cotton.

Linen is the best fabric for window treatment in most cases. It is often treated for longevity and has a tendency to wrinkle less than cotton and rayon. Linen is also more stain resistant than cotton and rayon fabrics and is generally easier to operate with than polyesters.

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