Is A Concrete Retaining Wall Cheaper Than Blocks?

Is A Concrete Retaining Wall Cheaper Than Blocks?

Is A Concrete Retaining Wall Cheaper Than Blocks?

Yes, concrete retaining wall is cheaper that blocks as poured walls cost about 20% less than the block foundation walls. When it comes to retaining walls, there is a lot of confusion out there.

Some people think that blocks are the way to go, while others believe that concrete walls are a better option. The truth is, it depends on the location and the type of wall you are building.

A concrete retaining wall is usually cheaper than a block foundation wall. This is because a concrete wall is usually completed in one day, while a block foundation wall can take weeks or even months. Plus, a concrete wall is also 20% cheaper than a block foundation wall.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to build a retaining wall, choose a concrete wall instead of a block foundation wall.

Why Opt For Poured Concrete Foundation Walls?

There are many people out there who have been told that concrete walls are typically a pain to install. Most people end up going for an alternative, like block walls. However, concrete walls have many advantages, making them the best choice for foundation walls.

Why opt for poured concrete foundation walls? 

They Are Stronger Than Concrete Block Foundations

While they may cost more than block walls, poured concrete can withstand greater forces and is less prone to damage as compared to other kinds of foundations.

When it comes to strength, poured concrete walls are hard to top. They are extremely durable and have more flexural and compressive strength than brick walls.

More Resistant To Lateral Water Pressure

It is critical to building a robust construction with as much water resistance as feasible. Regardless of how severe the weather becomes.

Poured concrete walls are substantially denser and have no seams than cinder block foundation walls. They will not succumb to buckling or bending as easily.

Fire Resistant

They are fire-resistant and can withstand extreme fire conditions. This makes poured concrete a superior option for those who want to be prepared for anything.

Offer Design Flexibility

Poured concrete walls provide builders with greater design options. Regardless of the foundation type, they can make a last-minute alteration. Builders begin with a liquid form and then shape and construct a mold. This is difficult to accomplish with cinder block walls.

Low Maintenance

Poured concrete walls require less upkeep. They have fewer joints, are more resistant to lateral strain, and are fire-resistant. External waterproofing may show no evidence of cracks or water leaks for the first 5 to 10 years.

Is A Concrete Retaining Wall A Good Idea?

Yes, concrete retaining wall is a good idea. Aside from its visual appeal, a well-built and constructed retaining wall is also completely practical. Constructing a concrete retaining wall can help to keep soil in place and avoid erosion, sinkholes, and flooding.

Whether you have a large or small garden, building a concrete retaining wall not only gives functional benefits but may also add usable area to your garden.

You could, for example, add plants to a tiered retaining wall or even establish a vegetable garden within it.

A concrete wall, while not formed of natural materials, does not employ hazardous chemicals or products. Not only that but once built, it takes little to no more maintenance.

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