Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than Architectural Shingles?

Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than Architectural Shingles?

Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than Architectural Shingles?

Higher Initial Cost – It is true that metal roofing is more expensive than shingle roofing in terms of the initial cost.

In addition to the additional cost of materials, the manpower and equipment required to accomplish the task may be more expensive; however, this depends on the installation business.

It is very rare for roofing contractors to install metal roofs if they are not in the business.  The high initial cost is not necessarily negative; it simply means that you will save more money in operation and maintenance costs as time goes by.

Metal roofing, in particular, saves money on heat loss during winter and improves insulation through a high R-value quality of insulation.  These benefits eventually pay off the price difference in the initial cost.

Better Durability – It is a fact that metal roofing has better durability. Due to its non-porous nature for leak prevention, it can survive the impact of heavy snowfall or harsh weather better than architectural shingles.

This also means metal roofing needs less maintenance and repair than architectural shingles.  You will enjoy the benefits of a durable roof for many years.

Comfort – Architectural shingles can cause discomfort when not properly installed or maintained. They are usually scaly or sticky, creating many discomforts when exposed to the sun and other elements.

Metal roofing is more comfortable because it is rarely prone to such issues that make it uncomfortable and unsightly.

Is A Metal Roof More Expensive Than Tile?

A metal roof is more costly, but both metal and tile roofs have a lifespan of roughly fifty years. A metal roof is more robust and can withstand considerably rougher treatment than a tile roof.

This is irrelevant, however, if the roof is less likely to fail. It is highly recommended that metal roofs be installed over tile roofs in order to create a rock-solid seal.  In addition, a metal roof will not degrade or get moldy like a tile roof.

Is A Metal Roof More Fire-Resistant Than Asphalt Shingles?

Metal, regardless of the substance of the shingles, is exceptionally fire-resistant roofing material. It will never create an ignition point as other materials do.

Metal, in general, is not combustible, and the shingles on top are the same.  This is an excellent attribute for areas with severe fire seasons, such as the western states.

Steel shingles are more expensive but offer more benefits than asphalt shingles. Steel siding offers more protection from extreme weather conditions, fire, and insect damage, and all of the benefits listed above are regular steel roofing.

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