Is A Metal Roof More Wind Resistant Than Shingles?

Is A Metal Roof More Wind Resistant Than Shingles?

Is A Metal Roof More Wind Resistant Than Shingles?

A metal roof can withstand hurricane-force gusts of up to 160 miles per hour, making it the most wind-resistant option. Metal roofing systems are more expensive than inexpensive shingles, but they endure longer and are more robust.

This is due to the fact that metal roofing systems are made up of materials that are more durable than regular shingles.  It is true, however, to say that metal roofing is heavier at over 80 pounds per square foot.

Metal roofs have been used for centuries by those living in extreme climates such as Scandinavia and Russia. In the southern and western US, they are considered a novelty material because of the milder weather conditions.

Still, many homeowners in those areas have metal roofs because it provides an added sense of security against high winds and tropical storms.

One should seriously consider installing a metal roof before it becomes necessary. The thinness of your roof is a good indicator of its overall condition. Checking your roof regularly is a good prevention tool.

When you install a metal roof on your property, you protect it and your family from the harsh effects of the weather.  Metal roofing is also a good investment to add value to your house and give it a unique look among homes in your neighborhood.

Is A Metal Roof Noise?

Metal roofs are quiet. They can be quieter than standard asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are not only an excellent barrier against noise pollution but also energy efficient and environmentally beneficial.

The reason for these benefits is the weight and appearance of the metal roof. Metal roofs are heavier than shingles, which makes them quieter.  In addition to that, it looks very attractive and is pleasing to the eyes, so noise pollution is also reduced.

It is obvious that metal roofs are very good at what they do.  However, if you have just decided to have one installed in your home, you should consider consulting with a professional specializing in this field.

Is A Metal Roof Safe In Florida?

Metal roofing, which can endure wind gusts of up to 140 mph, may resist Florida hurricanes better than other roofing materials. Because it is non-porous, the material is resistant to leaks, moisture damage, and decay.

A trained specialist can advise you on the finest roofing options for your property, which you can use to keep your roof protected from Florida temperatures and any hazards of hurricanes. It is very important to have an expert check your roof to determine if it is still in good condition.

You can not only discover any other damages, such as leaks or the early stage of decay but also find out the condition of materials used in the roofing membrane.  A specialist can also check the appearance of the roof.

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