Is Roof Sarking Necessary?

Is Roof Sarking Necessary?

Is Roof Sarking Necessary?

Sarking installation is strongly advised by us, even if it is not technically necessary, to prevent and avoid many future issues for your property.

Sarking installation improves roof cavity protection, functions as a dust barrier, shields your roof from storms and bushfires, and acts as a vapor barrier. It also minimizes noise and prevents water damage to your roof.

There are many factors to consider before deciding if sarking is necessary for· Hotter climates (Sardinia and Sicily),.

More extreme climatic conditions (eg Islands). Roofs with a high pitch and steep slope. Property value, which must be considered in conjunction with the cost of installation and job return on investment.

Do You Need Sarking under A Tiled Roof?

Yes, sarking is advised for tile roofs with pitches less than 20 degrees. However, many roofers now include sarking with every roof they build, regardless of size, to provide additional moisture protection and other advantages.

It is important to ensure that you are not paying for sarking that is unnecessary for your roof.

In cooler climates, tile roofing provides excellent insulation and is often used in place of concrete tiles, with the benefit of a beautiful finish.  However, because tile roofs have no ventilation, they need extra protection from moisture.

How Much Does Roof Sarking Cost?

Sarking costs between $6 and $10 per square meter. One of the least expensive insulation options is reflective sarking, which costs around $120 for a roll that is 60m by 1350mm.

It is important to get a qualified sarking supplier who will be able to answer your questions, give you a quote and assist you with installation.

Can I Install Sarking On An Existing Roof?

To put sarking beneath them, you must take apart all roof battens. Sarking sheets should be placed on the roof cavities with caution and accuracy.

For the purpose of attaching them to the rafters, utilize a stapler or nail gun. After fitting the sarking sheets, replace the battens, and nail them securely into place.

What Is The Purpose Of Roof Sarking?

Sarking is a malleable membrane that acts as a second skin for your roof tiles. It improves the efficiency of the insulation and protects your valuables from storm-driven rain and dust, moisture, and bushfire ember attack.

It is one of the best solutions to improve your roof tiles’ insulation, performance, and protection.

How Do You Install Sarking On An Existing Roof?

Sarking is generally always installed on new houses when a new roof is erected, although it may also be installed on existing roofs. We take steps to lift the roof tiles from the battens, remove the battens, de-nail, and finally install the sarking paper.

Finally, we will replace the battens, roof tiles, and capping. It is important to ensure that the sarking is installed in the proper manner to prevent leaks.

Is Roof Sarking Mandatory?

Even though sarking is not required, it is strongly suggested by us to prevent and avoid a wide range of potential problems with your property.

Sarking protects your roof from bushfires and storms, functions as a dust barrier, improves roof cavity protection, and serves as a vapor barrier.

The waterproof activity of the sarking is significantly higher than that of the tiles but much lower than that of the foam, which is comparatively very expensive.

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