13 Main Pros and Cons of Hopper Windows | Awning Window Vs A Hopper Window

13 Main Pros and Cons of Hopper Windows | Awning Window Vs A Hopper Window

What is Hopper Window? Pros and Cons of Hopper Windows | Awning Window Vs A Hopper Window |Hopper Window Design & Size

Hopper Windows

What are Hopper Windows?

Hopper windows are a type of window designed to be opened from the top down.  The most common material used to build a hopper window is a double-glazed unit or a triple-glazed unit.

The outer windows are usually made of glass while the inner window may be made of glass, plastic or a combination of the two.

 For an older house with sash windows, you can replace just the outermost sash with a hopper window.

The hopper window is a type of window that is usually just for ventilation and does not offer protection from the weather.

 It can be lifted up and down by grasping the edge of the outer window.

Hopper windows are a type of window that is typically found in industrial buildings. They are used to provide ventilation for large spaces.

The name “hopper” comes from the way they look like an upside-down hopper or grain silo because of their shape and design.

Hopper Window Design & Size

The most common hopper windows are small and horizontally oriented. However, these windows are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as for a variety of purposes.

 Hopper windows are typically installed high up on a wall or in basements, sometimes in conjunction with a group of glass block windows.

Difference Between an Awning Window and A Hopper Window

Hopper windows get their name from the way they swing open, similar to a hopper or chute. These inward-opening windows provide excellent ventilation.

Windows in this style look great in places like basements and above doorways.

Hopper windows have sashes that open at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle. The only real difference between them and awning windows is the direction in which they open.

Awning windows are usually hinged at the top and open outward, away from the house.

Hopper windows open inward into your living space and can be hinged from the top or bottom.

When to Replace Hopper Windows

You should consider replacing your hopper windows if they are cracked, broken, foggy or very dirty.

If they are in good condition but still old, you can restore them by painting them with an exterior acrylic paint.

For safety reasons, it is important to make sure that your hopper windows don’t open wide enough for someone to fall through when they are open.

Replacement of hopper windows is a DIY project that can be done by anyone. You can buy completely new hopper window or just the glass sash.

If you don’t have the time or patience to replace them, you can hire a handyman or a glazier to do the job for you.

Pros and Cons of Hopper Windows

Pros of Hopper Windows

1. Hopper windows provide excellent insulation

When closed, hopper windows, like installed casement windows and new awning windows, push against the frame, resulting in a more effective overall seal.

That means these windows are easier to close up for the winter and will keep the cold out of your home, especially when combined with high-quality glass.

2. Hopper windows offer a wide range of opening options

You can open the window fully, partially or fully open for ventilation.

Hopper windows have a wide range of opening options, making these windows suitable for homes with older sash windows and homes with newer modern wood casement windows.

3. Hopper Windows are a great replacement for awning windows

Awning or double-glazed awning windows provide excellent ventilation while offering thermal insulation and security if installed in the attic.

4. Highly Secure

Hopper Windows are covered with locks. Moreover, the frames are covered with thick glass, making them an excellent replacement for awning windows.

5. Hopper windows are excellent at reducing humidity

Hopper windows are great at reducing humidity, which makes them perfect in bathrooms and basements where moisture can cause mold and mildew growth.

6. Hopper Windows are versatile

Hopper windows can be used in a wide range of applications, which makes them an excellent choice for both new construction and existing windows in the home.

Cons of Hopper Windows

1.  They do not provide a lot of ventilation

Hopper windows are meant to be used mainly for ventilation because they don’t have a screen or glass covering the opening at the top.

If you want full ventilation, you can install retractable hopper windows or casement retractable windows.

2. They offer little security

Hopper windows do not provide a lot of security; however, they can be installed with locks and security bars to provide some protection.

Hopper windows are an upgrade from awning or double-glazed awning windows because they’re safer and provide more security.

If you’re concerned about security, it is best to look at casement retractable windows as those will give you more options for choices and options for security than hopper windows can offer.

3. You may not be able to access the window from the inside

A window that is installed in the attic is quite small in size, which makes it difficult to access from inside through an attic door unless you have a high enough ladder or steps can be used.

When installing hopper windows, you should ensure that you can reach the window from inside the house.

4. Hopper windows may not keep the heat out of the home

Hopper windows may not keep heat in your home, especially when compared to other options that can provide more security and better insulation while keeping heat outside.

5. Hopper windows are not as safe as other types of windows

Hopper windows are not as safe as the wooden double glazed or triple glazed windows. Generally, hopper windows are smaller in size and do not have locks.

If you accidentally open the window while your attention is on something else, there is a chance that someone can fall out.

6. Hopper windows need constant maintenance

Hopper windows are more prone to damage than other types of windows because the frames are not protected. If there is a lot of moisture around your home, consider other types of windows.

7.  Rain can Get In

Although it is normal to leave an awning window open while it is raining without getting wet on the interior of your home, this is not the case with hopper windows.

Because they open inward, they can flood your home if you leave one open during a storm.

8. This style of window does not perform well in extreme weather

Because the outermost part of the window is so wide open, it can be hard to keep out rain and snow when they come in sideways or when the wind is high.

When not properly installed and maintained, rain and snow can leak through hopper windows and cause problems with mold and mildew.

Hopper Windows FAQs

What are the hopper windows?

Hopper windows are a type of window that has a hopper-style shutter on the inside.

They were originally designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings, which is why they have an open area at the top.

Hoppers can be installed on any exterior wall and are usually placed near the ceiling or roof line.

The most common use for hopper windows today is as attic access points, so you may also see them referred to as attic windows.

What is the difference between an awning window and a hopper window?

Whenever awning window is opened, the bottom of the sash swings outward from the house.

Hoppers, on the other hand, are constructed such that when the sash is opened, the top of the sash swings inward from the wall.

Hopper windows are still popular in small places like basement rooms and small bathrooms.

How much does it cost to install Hopper Windows?

 The typical cost of installing a hopper window ranges from $300 to $800 per window. You should also include in local labor costs, which may average approximately $40 per hour.

Are Hopper windows safe?

Hopper windows are considered quite safe, but you should make sure that whenever you open it, it is not too high or at a height where someone could fall out.

Because it is too tiny to climb into and out of, a hopper is a safe replacement window choice. A thief cannot easily climb through it, as they can with larger windows, to access your home.

As a result, hopper windows are perfect for sections of your home that you don’t typically spend time monitoring.

Also ensure that the frame of the window is in good condition and does not have any cracks which could lead to accidents.

Hopper windows can open completely to a 90° degree or partially to a 45° angle. For safety concerns, windows that open completely generally include hinges at the top.

If the window had hinges at the bottom, it may be a hazard if someone walked into it.

What’s the purpose of a hopper window?

Hopper windows offer ventilation and humidity management in moist areas such as the bathroom or basement.

Install hopper windows if you want to decrease mold and mildew growth.

What are some advantages of hopper window?

1. Hopper windows offer a fresh flow of air for the whole house.

2. It helps in ventilation and humidity control.

3. They provide excellent security against unauthorized access to your house such as burglary and even violence such as assault,

4. They are safe when not open for security issues like burglars or unsolicited guests

5. They are cost-friendly when installed in areas that are not monitored or areas that you do not spend time in.

What is the hopper windows sizes?

Hopper windows come in different sizes and shapes.  They come in sizes from 1 to 2 feet tall and 2.5 to 3 feet wide.

You can choose the size and shape of hopper windows that suits your interior design and building structure.

Different hopper window sizes can be used for different purposes such as bedroom, living room, office etc.

What are some disadvantages of hopper window?

The primary disadvantage of a hopper window is that, when it is opened into the house, it causes the temperature to drop significantly.

If you use one in your kitchen or bathroom, where drafts are not desirable in the winter months, you will probably want to install a shade.

Hopper windows are designed to be installed high up on a wall or in basements. They are not suited for locations where people spend time living.

What is the cost of removing and installing a hopper window?

Hopper windows can be very easy to install and it does not require much effort. They are built to easily replace an existing window. The average cost of installing a hopper windows is about $700.

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