Should Vertical Blinds Rest On The Window Sill?

Should Vertical Blinds Rest On The Window Sill?

Should Vertical Blinds Rest On The Window Sill?

Yes, for the best effect and the best visual finish, your window blinds should be placed on the windowsill. Vertical blinds are the only exception, as they require a small amount of clearance to prevent the louvers from dragging on the windowsill when operated.

In other words, if you are going to put a vertical blind on your window, make sure you can open and close it with some clearance. Of course, this recommendation is based on the fact that you have ample clearance on the windowsill near your blinds.

If there is not much of a gap between the window and the furniture, then placing your vertical blinds on the sill is not convenient. If your windowsill slopes inward or outward, then consider using brackets to secure your blinds so they stay put.

If you desire to place your vertical blinds on the windowsill, simply measure the length and width of the window. If there is sufficient clearance for a 32-inch wide and 83-inch tall blind, you are free to choose from all types of blinds, including vertical ones.

The same thing goes for horizontal blinds, except some models may require the brackets for support if your windowsill is rather narrow or if it slopes outward or inward.

Should Roman Blinds Touch The Window Sill?

Yes. The base of your roman when fully closed, the blind should just touch the window sill. If the drop measurements differ at each end of the sill, use the shortest drop measurement to avoid having one side that is too long and crumpling on the window sill.

In other words, it is safer to have the blind touching the window sill than have it slightly above it and have the problem of having it fall. The purpose of these blinds is to darken your home during the day while allowing light to enter during the night or in the morning when you want to awaken.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to have a blind that touches the window sill because it will be impossible for you to open them. If you do have roman blinds that are touching the window sill, be sure to use proper safety precautions in order for them not to fall and cause injury.

Roman blinds and Venetian There Are many differences between these two types of blinds, but the most important ones are concerning their sizes and their privacy settings.

If you want to get the blind closer to the window sill, you can use a tool called a blind tensioner. You can also use a piece of tape or sealant to hold the cord in place and extend its length by an inch or two from each side of the window. However, these measures are not necessary because there is enough room at both ends for your roman blinds.

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