Sika Post Fix Pros and Cons | Sika Fence Post Mix Instructions | Sika Post Fix Strength

Sika Post Fix Pros and Cons | Sika Fence Post Mix Instructions | Sika Post Fix Strength

What is Sika PostFix? Sika Post Fix Pros and Cons | How Long Does Fence Post Foam Last

What is Sika PostFix?

Sika PostFix is a two-part, pre-portioned polyurethane resin that expands when mixed. It has been developed and packed specifically to give a lightweight, mix-in-the-bag, and quick-setting backfill for wooden, PVC, and steel in-ground supports.

Sika PostFix is based on Sika’s proven foam technology and is designed to support a variety of post types easily, conveniently, and quickly.

Prior to use, always refer to the Current Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet for comprehensive performance parameters.

Installing a Fence Post with Sika Post Fix (Step by Step Guide to use Sika Post Fix)

Here are the Sika fence post mix instructions:

  1. First, Roll the pouch (in the direction indicated by the arrows) toward the center burst seal until it ruptures and allows the materials to mingle.
  2. The next step is to thoroughly mix by rubbing the bag against any 90-degree surface (no sharp edges that could puncture the bag) for 15 seconds, thereby causing material to travel from one end to the other of the bag.
  3. Cut one of the bag’s corners IMMEDIATELY after mixing.
  4. The last step is to evenly distribute the mixed material around the post (watering the post) and into the hole prior to expansion.

Limitations & Sika fence post mix instructions

  • Holes must be created to the proper dimensions to support the post and be completely dry.
  • Before mixing and using, the material must be pre-conditioned to a temperature of between 18 and 25 °C (65 and 77 °F) for at least two hours.
  • If the bag is at a temperature higher than the specified temperature before mixing, the product may expand excessively quickly.
  • Do not exceed the mixing time specified, since the material may expand inside the pouch, rupturing the bag.
  • Never allow the material within the bag to begin to expand.
  • After the ten seconds has passed, do not move the post.

How Long Does Fence Post Foam Last?

The lifespan of your expanding foam in your fence post installation is determined on the product’s quality.

On average, a good quality polyurethane foam will endure between three and five years. Expanding foam is well-known for its extreme durability and resistance to degradation.

Sika Post Fix Pros and Cons

Sika Post Fix Pros/Advantages

  1. Application is simple – simply roll, mix, cut, and pour.
  2. Sets in as fast as 3 minutes
  3. High tensile strength and resistance to water absorption
  4. Seals and protects the post’s base
  5. Suitable in cold temperatures without the use of additives
  6. Replaces two 50 lbs. of concrete mix
  7. No water required
  8. Mix for 15 seconds
  9. No special tools required

Sika Post Fix Cons/Disadvantages

  1. Its very lightweight. It’s more like a glue than an anchor
  2. The Sika 33 fl. oz. bags won’t fill large holes or anchor 6×6 poles
  3. It doesn’t have anywhere near the compression strength of concrete
  4. Requires stable, compacted ground
  5. It’s not reusable

Sika Post Fix Strength

SIKA Postfix Fence Post Mix is extremely strong and resistant to water absorption, which means it will not rot your wooden fence posts, split in the winter due to moisture freezing, or move over time. SIKA Postfix Fence Post Mix is also resistant to freezing temperatures without the addition of additives.

While SIKA Postfix Fence Post Mix is ideal for erecting fence posts, gates, mailboxes, and signs, it should not be used for structural posts.

While this type of post mix is not necessarily less expensive than conventional concrete mixes, it is more time-efficient, easy to handle, quick-setting, convenient, and quite difficult to mess up.

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