Soft Close Hinges Vs Normal Hinges

Soft Close Hinges Vs Normal Hinges

Soft Close Hinges Vs Normal Hinges

Soft close hinges and normal hinges are two types of hinges used in cabinetry and furniture construction.

Normal hinges, also known as standard hinges, are basic hinges that are typically made of metal and have a simple pivot mechanism that allows a door or lid to open and close. They do not have any special features to slow down or cushion the closure of a door or lid.

Soft close hinges, on the other hand, are equipped with a hydraulic or mechanical mechanism that slows down the closure of a door or lid. This helps to prevent slamming and provides a smoother, quieter closing action.

Soft close hinges also help to prevent wear and tear on the cabinet or furniture, as well as the hinges themselves, by reducing the impact of the door or lid when it is closed.

Overview Of Soft Close Hinges

Soft-Close hinges offer the same function as regular hinges but with an added benefit: they prevent cabinets and doors from slamming shut.

The mechanism ensures that when a door or cabinet is closed, it automatically softly shuts rather than making a loud noise.

Soft Close hinges are available in various types and sizes to accommodate any door or cabinet size and can be used for interior and exterior applications alike.

Installation is also quite simple as all you need are the appropriate mounting screws to attach them to the door or cabinet frame.

By utilizing this type of hinge, you can enjoy reduced sound levels, improved safety, and peace of mind knowing your doors are always securely closed with the soft close feature.

Overview Of Normal Hinges

Normal hinges are the most common type of door hinge. They are simple, easy to install, and can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit if needed.

These hinges are used on internal and external doors alike, including cupboard doors and wardrobe doors.

Normal hinges use two leaves connected by a metal pin, allowing them to pivot and open inwards or outwards depending on your preference.

They typically come in either brass or stainless steel and can often carry a certain weight load depending on their size and strength.

Comparison Of Soft Close And Normal Hinges

When deciding on which hinge to use for cabinet doors, one must consider the differences between Soft Close and Normal Hinges.

Soft Close Hinges allow the door to slowly close shut rather than being slammed shut, preventing damage to the frame as well as enabling a quieter closing experience.

They are more expensive than normal hinges and require special installation. Normal hinges offer no cushioning effect when closing, meaning they require extra care in order to prevent any damage from occurring and may be louder when slamming shut.

While both styles of hinge have their pros and cons, Soft Close hinges are ideal for those seeking a quieter, smoother close for their cabinet doors.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soft Close Hinges

When it comes to choosing which type of hinge to use for your doors, there are many factors to consider. Soft close hinges offer the benefit of convenience and safety in comparison to standard hinges.

  • The main advantage of soft close hinges is that they provide a gentle closure, reducing the risk of door slamming against walls or fingers getting pinched.
  • Additionally, these types of hinges can help reduce wear-and-tear on your doors, as well as decrease sound levels associated with closing doors.
  • On the other hand, one potential downside is that you may need to replace soft close hinges more often than normal ones due to their extra mechanical parts and sensitive states. Ultimately, it is up to you decide which type hinge best suits your needs.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Normal Hinges

Normal hinges provide simple, straightforward functionality to door closure. With this type of hinge, the door shuts in a basic way without any extra noise or effort needed from the user.

However, normal hinges can be difficult to adjust properly and require frequent maintenance.

They can be prone to sticking, squeaking or popping when opening or closing a door if not properly fitted or maintained.

Additionally, traditional hinges can eventually wear down due to regular use and need to be replaced more often than soft close hinges.

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