What Are Espag Window Handles?

What Are Espag Window Handles?

What Are Espag Window Handles?

Espag handles are the most modern and secure type of handle found on double-glazed windows. They were created to work with an espagnolette lock, which is a multi-point locking mechanism attached to the window’s perimeter.

The espagnolette lock is activated by the handle, which can be pulled down and turned to lock the window. You can find both espag and cockspur window handles on double-glazed windows, although the latter is not as common as the former.

Espag handles are generally found in high quality for double-glazing UPVC windows, but you can use them on other types if you so desire. It’s worth considering the type of window you’re going to be placing your new handle on before you purchase one, though, as the sizes and shapes will vary between different designs.

The most common espag handle is flat with a cylindrical shape. Sometimes this can be a little unusual to look at and it might not fit in with your home’s existing design. There are other more modern designs available if needed, such as crank handles that can rotate around 360 degrees or handles with a split opening so that they work like a cockspur door handle.

If you have an older house with traditional sash windows you could use a cockspur handle as a replacement for your old one – but this would otherwise be pointless since there’s nothing special about it besides its design.

They take their name from the unique shape of the pull, which looks like a rooster’s spur or crow’s feet – depending on how you look at it. Cockspur window handles are generally found on traditional sash windows but can sometimes be found on double-glazed UPVC casements and even doors.

Are All Upvc Window Handles The Same?

No. UPVC Window Handles come in two varieties. The “cockspur” handle, is older, and the “espag” handle, is more modern. Below are images of both so you can decide which one you need. The only difference between these two types of window handles is the shape of the pull.

The cockspur window handle is basically the same type as a cockspur door handle, where you turn it to open the door. The only real difference between this and other types of handles is that it has a slight curve in its design.

The E-spag window handle takes its name from its designer and originator, Espag Riotsa, who was inspired by a similar device that he saw at an art exhibition in 1968. This type of handle is commonly used on double-glazed windows and doors, although it can also be found on single-glass windows.

Different types of handles have different weights and sizes. When replacing an existing handle, don’t forget to check the size of the handle that came with your window before ordering a replacement. This will ensure that it fits properly in order to avoid damaging your window frame in the process.

If you’re opting for a new handle, make sure it has the same length or slightly longer length than your position with the sash itself – otherwise, it will not function properly.

It’s a good idea to test the handle before installation. If you want to make sure the new one fits properly and that it works as intended, then you need to put it through some trial runs.

It’s crucial that the handle is level with your window frame. If it’s any higher or lower than this, then it will not function properly and could cause more damage to your window frame.

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