What Are Solar Window Blinds?

What Are Solar Window Blinds?

What Are Solar Window Blinds?

Solar blinds look like regular roller shades and are intended to reduce the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays by using a specially designed fabric. These blinds can also provide a degree of privacy. Of course, in addition to using solar blinds, you’ll need to depend on the sun’s rays for your heating and cooling needs.

Luckily, you can purchase window coverings that are specifically designed for solar blinds so that both heating and cooling can continue without interruption. Solar window blinds are an eco-friendly and money-saving way to manage indoor temperatures.

The fabric in solar shades limits the amount of incoming light and heat, reducing the need to use your air conditioning or heater. They also help reduce glare, making tasks like reading, computer work, or watching TV easier on the eyes. And since they’re special shades, you’ll be able to take advantage of solar energy while you go about your daily activities.

Solar window blinds with a built-in motor are usually fairly easy to operate. When the sun is out, they roll up automatically, keeping the room cool by blocking out glare and heat. When the room cools off, they roll down to filter the light and UV rays that enter through your windows.

Some solar shades have a button you can push to roll up or roll down the shades; others have sensors that detect when it’s time to go up or down. You may also be able to operate your window blinds with remote control, depending on the type of system you use.

Solar window blinds are available as shutters, vertical blinds, rolling shades, and roman shades. They’re often custom-made to fit your windows exactly so there are no gaps around the edges. Some solar shades can be pulled up like a normal vertical blind, and others have cords that you have to pull to operate them.

The majority of solar shades are operated with a key or remote control. Before choosing your shades, be sure to consider the limitations of your windows.

Will your windows open all the way? If so, you’ll probably choose roman style blinds so you can completely open them for ventilation when not using the shades for privacy or light control.

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