What Are The Parts Of A Gable Roof Called?

What Are The Parts Of A Gable Roof Called?

What Are The Parts Of A Gable Roof Called?

A gable roof is a type of roof that has two sloped sides that come together at a ridge, forming a peak. Some of the sides are:

  1. Ridge: The highest point of your roof is the ridge, which runs perpendicular to the eave line. The ridge is typically thicker than the other roof members for support. The ridge is also made separately from the rafters and covered with piles of shingles called “collar ties.”
  2. Eave: The overhang of your roof is called the eave of your roof. Most gable roofs have an eave that extends 4 feet along each side of your home.
  3. Gable: Rafters extend downwards on each gable roof, forming two triangular-shaped vertical walls that meet at 90 degrees. A gable is a vertical plane that includes the top of a wall.
  4. Throat: The junction between the gable and the roof is called the throat of your roof.
  5. Jack rafter: A jack rafter is an additional horizontal timber that runs parallel to the ridge lines, joining them together at the top and supporting a valley rafter from below, a typical truss has three common rafters (the prominent members where they cross at the center).

However, many have two or one depending on how wide they are. Jack rafters are divided into jacks, king jacks, and queen and king jacks, depending on how many of them are in each truss.

  1. Rake: The roof rake is the part that ends over a gable end and is the board bearing the weight of the roof covering itself.
  2. Valley: The valley is the corner where two roof pitches meet and can be formed with a valley rafter and a valley jack rafter. When they join together, they include a “V.”
  3. Inverted V: These lines run from the corners of each support post to their intersection at mid-span, forming an inverted V shape when connected and viewed from above.
  4. Header: The beam or ridge beam covering the top of a doorway
  5. Brace: Short beams nailed horizontally between regular framing members, like the collar ties on a gable roof.
  6. Stringer: A horizontal band, either wooden or metal, that spans between the end of the posts at the eaves and supports a gable board.

What Are The Sides Of A Gable Roof Called?

The sides of a gable roof are known as the rake. This is the sloping edge of a gable roof at the house’s end wall. The horizontal line connects the apexes of two sloping roof planes.

Sheathing – The decking material (often plywood sheets) that is affixed to the rafters and to which shingles or other exterior roofing materials are attached.

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